Andrew Weil

Andrew Weil

Andrew Weil, MD, is a world-renowned leader and pioneer in the field of integrative medicine, a healing-oriented approach to health care which encompasses body, mind, and spirit. He is founder and director of the Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine (AzCIM) at the University of Arizona Health Sciences Center in Tucson, and director of Integrative Health & Healing at Miraval Life in Balance Resort in Tucson. Dr. Weil’s bestselling books include Spontaneous Happiness, Eight Weeks to Optimum Health, and Spontaneous Healing, and his popular audio programs with Sounds True include The Healthy Heart Kit and Breathing: The Master Key to Self-Healing.

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Meditations for Happiness and Optimum Well-Being

Andrew Weil

Two powerful exercises: breathwork for emotional stability and a meditation on gratitude.
Audio Download: US $4.99

The Spontaneous Happiness Prescription

Guided Practices for Peak Emotional Wellness

Andrew Weil

Dr. Andrew Weil’s guided practices for creating emotional wellness—naturally.
CD: US $16.72
US $24.95 33% Off
Audio Download: US $13.10
US $17.47 25% Off

Spontaneous Happiness Tool Kit

Guided Practices for Peak Emotional Wellness

Andrew Weil

Dr. Andrew Weil’s guided practices for creating emotional wellness—naturally.
Kit: US $20.07
US $29.95 33% Off

The Andrew Weil Audio Collection

Andrew Weil

Jon Kabat-Zinn

Two practical programs with Dr. Weil: Breathing and Meditation for Optimum Health.
CE Credits: US $24.00

Breathing: The Master Key to Self-Healing

8 Techniques to Revitalize Your Health

Andrew Weil

Learn eight breathing exercises that Dr. Weil has prescribed to hundreds of his patients.
CE Credits: US $8.00

The Power of Meditation

Using Concentration and Relaxation to Improve Your Health and Well-Being

Andrew Weil

Dr. Weil offers a motivating talk about the many health benefits of meditation.
Audio Download: US $3.99

Dr. Andrew Weil's Mind-Body Tool Kit

Experience Self-Healing with Proven Techniques-Breathwork, Meditation, Guided Imagery, and Sound Therapy

Andrew Weil

Learn four clinically proven ways to tap the power of your mind to transform your health.
CE Credits: US $8.00

The Joy of Eating Well

A Practical Guide to Transform Your Relationship with Food, Overcome Emotional Eating, and Achieve Lasting Results

Andrew Weil

Carolyn Ross

Two integrative physicians share a new approach to eating for optimal health.
CD: US $13.37
US $19.95 33% Off
Audio Download: US $10.48
US $13.97 25% Off
CE Credits: US $8.00

Meditation for Optimum Health

How to Use Mindfulness and Breathing to Heal Your Body and Refresh Your Mind

Andrew Weil

Jon Kabat-Zinn

Two experts on alternative health offer their first step-by-step guide to meditation.
CE Credits: US $8.00

Heal Yourself with Medical Hypnosis

The Most Immediate Way to Use Your Mind-Body Connection!

Andrew Weil

Steven Gurgevich

Two mind-body experts teach you how to use an effective clinical tool for self-healing.
CE Credits: US $8.00

Dr. Andrew Weil's Guide to Optimum Health

A Complete Course on How to Feel Better, Live Longer, and Enhance Your Health—Naturally

Andrew Weil

Dr. Weil's first full-length audio course covers diet, aging, herbal remedies, and more.
CE Credits: US $36.00

Healthy Sleep

Wake Up Refreshed and Energized with Proven Practices for Optimum Sleep

Andrew Weil

Rubin Naiman

Two mind-body experts offer practical tools to help you achieve a good night’s sleep.
CE Credits: US $8.00

Vibrational Sound Healing

Andrew Weil

Kimba Arem

Music attuned with frequencies for relaxation and healing from Dr. Weil's music series.
Audio Download: US $9.44
US $12.59 25% Off
CD: US $12.05
US $17.98 33% Off

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