Anodea Judith

Anodea Judith

Anodea Judith, PhD, is the author of the chakra classics Wheels of Life and Eastern Body, Western Mind, along with several other award-winning books (Waking the Global Heart) and videos (The Illuminated Chakras) on psychology, spirituality, and global transformation. She is an internationally acclaimed speaker and workshop presenter, as well as a psychotherapist and yoga teacher. She holds a doctorate in mind-body health and a master’s in clinical psychology. Her website of workshops, books, and products is

Listen to Tami Simon's interview with Anodea Judith & Lion Goodman: Manifesting Through the Chakras

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All products by Anodea Judith

Creating on Purpose

The Spiritual Technology of Manifesting Through the Chakras

Anodea Judith

Lion Goodman

A step-by-step method to manifest your soul's highest vision and co-create a better world.
Softcover Book: US $12.03
US $17.95 33% Off
Digital Book: US $10.77
US $17.95 40% Off

Chakra Activation

An Online Course for Empowerment through Your Body’s Energy Centers

Anodea Judith

Self-guided instruction in how to identify, awaken, and fine-tune your energy centers.
Self-Guided Video Course: US $49.00

The Power of Energy Healing

How to Improve Your Health and Well-Being

Ann Marie Chiasson

Ken Cohen

Cyndi Dale

Donna Eden

David Ison

Anodea Judith

Caroline Myss

Judith Orloff

The history and science behind many popular and effective energy medicine practices.
Self-Guided Video Course: US $0.00

Chakra Balancing Meditations

Anodea Judith

A guided meditation for energetic, emotional, and physical chakra balancing.
Audio Download: US $5.99

Evening Chakra Meditation

Anodea Judith

An evening meditation to harmonize your body's energy centers for more rejuvenating sleep.
Audio Download: US $3.99

The Meditation Experience

Eight Pathways to Open the Heart and Mind

Shinzen Young

Jack Kornfield

Mark Thornton

Rick Jarow

Anodea Judith

Kim Eng

Reginald A. Ray

Lama Surya Das

Learn how to start-and stick with-your own daily practice with this free online course.
Self-Guided Course: US $0.00


A Beginner's Guide to Healing with Your Body's Energy Centers

Anodea Judith

Improve your physical, mental, and spiritual well-being with this introduction to chakras.
CD: US $6.67
US $9.95 33% Off
Audio Download: US $5.23
US $6.97 25% Off

Chakra Balancing

A Guide to Healing and Awakening Your Energy Body

Anodea Judith

A complete kit for exploring the therapeutic use of the chakra system.
CD: US $20.07
US $29.95 33% Off

The Chakra System

A Complete Course in Self-Diagnosis and Healing

Anodea Judith

Six CDs on using your body’s energy centers for healing and spiritual insight.
CD: US $46.87
US $69.95 33% Off
Audio Download: US $36.73
US $48.97 25% Off

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