Danielle LaPorte

 Danielle LaPorte

Danielle LaPorte is the bestselling author of The Fire Starter Sessions (Random House, 2012). An entrepreneur, social media sensation, and inspirational speaker, Danielle has been featured in Elle, Body + Soul, Vogue Australia, Better Homes & Gardens, Globe & Mail, The National Post, The Huffington Post, Entertainment Tonight, USAToday and BusinessWeek.com. She was a news show commentator for CBC, and is a former director of a Washington DC think tank, where she managed a team of analysts studying global trends for the likes of the Pentagon and the World Bank.

Over a million visitors have gone to DanielleLaPorte.com for her straight-up advice—a site that's been deemed "the best place online for kick-ass spirituality," and was named one of the "Top 100 Websites for Women" by Forbes. Danielle lives in Vancouver, BC with her young son.

Author photo © Catherine Just 2013

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