David Ison

 David Ison

A lifelong interest in the nature of consciousness and the mechanics of personal choice has inspired David Ison to create dozens of musical meditation offerings. His critically acclaimed albums The Musical Body Program, The Harmonizer, and Balance, are the first musical compositions to be recognized by the medical community as being truly therapeutic.

Imbued with his deep knowledge of the sacred Universal Laws, David’s programs are harmonic experiences that express his passion for developing enlightened choice—a more conscious way of thinking that enhances our creative abilities.

Years of study and meditation have made David’s work possible. A pivotal, life-changing moment came in 1980 when a car accident left him with severe spinal injuries. In order to avoid spinal fusion surgery and to recover full mobility of his legs and torso, David joined his musical skills with his extensive knowledge of meditation practices. Out of this experience, he developed the compositional and psychological techniques that are the backbone of the music and meditation practices he offers.

The programs that resulted from his healing journey have been extensively researched by some of the most prestigious medical institutions around the country and the world. In 1999, the National Institutes of Health (NIH) published a three-year study on David’s music, which clinically validated its capability to bring about a relaxation response within the listener and demonstrated that the music leads to a significant reduction of a wide variety of symptoms.

David has chosen to dedicate his life to bringing forward a multidisciplinary transformational practice that encourages the development of self-love and personal responsibility. Through the application of his intentional music and meditation techniques, he hopes to inspire the understanding that by transforming our basic inner programming and embracing our Essential Selves, we can truly begin to make a difference—individually, locally, and globally.

David lives on a thirty-three acre estate in beautiful Ojai, California. An accomplished organic chef, he gratefully celebrates his incarnation by feeding the body, mind, and spirit, and continues to expand the boundaries of consciousness through music, meditation, and conversation.

Author Photo © Drummond West

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David Ison

Audio programs clinically proven to help you sleep and relax.
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The Chakra Sound System

Activate Your Fullest Potential Through the Essential Power of Music

David Ison

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Home Study Course: US $74.25
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Chakra Illumination

A Musical Journey

David Ison

Music, breathwork, and guided practices to begin to awaken your full spiritual potential.
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Chakra Healing Music

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The Power of Energy Healing

How to Improve Your Health and Well-Being

Ann Marie Chiasson

Ken Cohen

Cyndi Dale

Donna Eden

David Ison

Anodea Judith

Caroline Myss

Judith Orloff

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Let Go of Stress Easily and Naturally

David Ison

Experience the healing effects of the Relaxation Response using the proven Ison Method.
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The Sound Healing Collection

Six Healing Music Sessions

Jeffrey Thompson

David Ison

Steven Halpern

Joseph Nagler

Silvia Nakkach

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Let Go of Pain and Anxiety

David Ison

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Ison Pain Management System (2-CD Set)

Music and Meditation to Release Pain and Anxiety

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Ison Pain Management System

Music and Meditation to Release Pain and Anxiety

David Ison

Guided meditation and music to help you connect with your natural source of healing.
CD: US $9.58
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