Judith Orloff

Judith Orloff

Judith Orloff, MD, is a leading voice in the fields of medicine, psychiatry, and intuitive development. An assistant clinical professor of psychiatry at UCLA, her bestselling books include Emotional Freedom, Positive Energy, Dr. Judith Orloff's Guide to Intuitive Healing, and Second Sight. Find more inspiration at Dr. Orloff’s website drjudithorloff.com.

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The Power of Energy Healing

How to Improve Your Health and Well-Being

Ann Marie Chiasson

Ken Cohen

Cyndi Dale

Donna Eden

David Ison

Anodea Judith

Caroline Myss

Judith Orloff

The history and science behind many popular and effective energy medicine practices.
Self-Guided Video Course: US $0.00

Emotional Freedom Practices

How to Transform Difficult Emotions into Positive Energy

Judith Orloff

Practices for turning sabotaging emotional patterns into opportunities for self-mastery.
CD: US $13.37
US $19.95 33% Off
Audio Download: US $10.48
US $13.97 25% Off

Becoming an Intuitive Healer

A Professional Development Course for Health Practitioners

Judith Orloff

A six-hour workshop on using intuition for diagnosis, energy healing, and integrated care.
CD: US $46.87
US $69.95 33% Off
Audio Download: US $36.73
US $48.97 25% Off

Positive Energy Practices

How to Attract Uplifting People and Combat Energy Vampires

Judith Orloff

Techniques for inviting positive energy and shielding yourself from draining influences.
CD: US $13.37
US $19.95 33% Off
Audio Download: US $10.48
US $13.97 25% Off

Awakening Second Sight

Emergence of a Medical Doctor's Psychic Ability

Judith Orloff

How one respected professional discovered her clairvoyant gifts—and how you can too.
CD: US $16.72
US $24.95 33% Off
Audio Download: US $13.10
US $17.47 25% Off

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