Lama Surya Das

 Lama Surya Das

Lama Surya Das is one of the most learned and highly trained American-born lamas in the Tibetan Dzogchen tradition. For over 30 years, he has studied with the great spiritual masters of Tibet, India, and Asia. Born Jeffrey Allen Miller, he left home for college in the 1960s; went to Woodstock; marched in anti-war rallies in Washington; graduated Phi Beta Kappa from SUNY, Buffalo; then went to India and Asia on a spiritual quest. Lama Surya Das is the founder of the Dzogchen Foundation and the author of many books, including Awakening the Buddha Within and Awakening to the Sacred.

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Natural Radiance

Awakening to Your Great Perfection

Lama Surya Das

Practices for the “swift, direct path” of Tibetan Buddhism’s pinnacle teaching, Dzogchen.
Enhanced Digital Book: US $9.97
US $14.95 33% Off
Digital Book: US $8.97
US $14.95 40% Off
Softcover Book/CD: US $10.02
US $14.95 33% Off

All the Time in the World

A Three-Week Experience of Buddha Standard Time

Lama Surya Das

Practical tools for finding peace and balance in a fast-paced world.
Self-Guided Course: US $9.00

Natural Meditation

Tibetan Dzogchen Practice

Lama Surya Das

Two powerful meditations for experiencing the sky-like freedom of the primordial mind.
Audio Download: US $2.99

The Meditation Experience

Eight Pathways to Open the Heart and Mind

Shinzen Young

Jack Kornfield

Mark Thornton

Rick Jarow

Anodea Judith

Kim Eng

Reginald A. Ray

Lama Surya Das

Learn how to start-and stick with-your own daily practice with this free online course.
Self-Guided Course: US $0.00

Natural Perfection

Lama Surya Das

Take the struggle out of meditation with secret teachings from Tibetan Buddhism.
Audio Download: US $18.35
US $24.47 25% Off

Buddha Is As Buddha Does

The Ten Original Practices for Enlightened Living

Lama Surya Das

An original author adaptation of Lama Surya Das’ book on the core teachings of the Buddha.
CD: US $20.07
US $29.95 33% Off
Audio Download: US $15.73
US $20.97 25% Off

Natural Meditation

A Tibetan Buddhist Practice for Clearing the Mind and Opening to Effortless Awareness

Lama Surya Das

A video training course in Dzogchen practice with meditations, breathwork, and chanting.
DVD: US $13.37
US $19.95 33% Off
Video Download: US $10.48
US $13.97 25% Off

Tibetan Energy Yoga

A Traditional Workout to Liberate and Elevate Your Energy

Lama Surya Das

Tibetan exercises to improve health and sharpen mental awareness in just minutes a day.
Video Download: US $10.48
US $13.97 25% Off

Tibetan Dream Yoga

A Complete System for Becoming Conscious in Your Dreams

Lama Surya Das

Dream practices to enhance creativity, overcome deep fears, and break harmful habits.
Audio Download: US $13.10
US $17.47 25% Off

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