Michael J. Gelb

 Michael J. Gelb

Michael J. Gelb is a sought-after speaker, consultant, seminar leader, and bestselling author. A leading authority on applying genius thinking to personal and organizational development, he is also a certified Qigong teacher. He lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico. See michaelgelb.com.

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Creativity On Demand

How to Ignite and Sustain the Fire of Genius

Michael J. Gelb

Practical techniques for accessing our life force to unleash our true creative potential.
Softcover Book: US $12.71
US $16.95 25% Off

The Spirit of Leonardo

Seven Steps to Self-Realization from History's Greatest Genius

Michael J. Gelb

Discover the secrets behind da Vinci’s brilliance—and how you can use them in your life.
CD: US $52.46
US $69.95 25% Off
Audio Download: US $39.18
US $48.97 20% Off

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