William Bengston

William Bengston

William Bengston, PhD, is a professor of sociology at St. Joseph's College in New York and author of The Energy Cure. In his early 20s, he received hands-on healing that ended his chronic back pain. A self-proclaimed rationalist, he began a 35-year investigation that has made him one of today's leading researchers into the mystery and power of energy medicine. For more information visit bengstonresearch.com or write info@bengstonresearch.com.

Author photo © Maya Bengston

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The Energy Cure

Unraveling the Mystery of Hands-On Healing

William Bengston

Journey to the known limits of healing and beyond with this book and instruction guide.
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Digital Book: US $12.32
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Hands-On Healing

A Training Course in the Energy Cure

William Bengston

Six hours of in-depth training in a scientifically tested method for intentional healing.
CD: US $52.46
US $69.95 25% Off
Audio Download: US $39.18
US $48.97 20% Off

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