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Gabrielle Roth

Gabrielle Roth (1941-2012)

A bestselling author, movement innovator, and music/theatre director, Gabrielle Roth led workshops and retreats that joined the currents of world music and theater with the ancient pulse of shamanism. Her work has been featured in...

The Inner Wave

Dancing Your Authentic, Intuitive Self

Gabrielle Roth

from Sounds True

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The object of meditation, teaches Gabrielle Roth, is to still the mind, and the fastest way to do that is to move your body. On The Inner Wave, the third video in Gabrielle Roth's Ecstatic Dance video collection, we join this pioneer of ecstatic dance to investigate stillness, the mother of all rhythm, through a meditative trance-dance journey.

Joined by dancers of all age groups and body types, Gabrielle leads a physical meditation that has been called a living prayer. As we surrender to the dance, exploring and improvising with every part of our bodies, we will experience how ecstatic dance can clear the mind and open the heart, and allow us to approach the still point within.

The more deeply we enter our bodies and breath, Gabrielle says, the more deeply we know ourselves. Now every viewer can know their body and mind in a way they never have before, with The Inner Wave.

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Contents 1 DVD (32 minutes)
Date Published May 01, 2004
ISBN-10 1-59179-174-X
ISBN-13 978-1-59179-174-4
Dimensions 5 1/4 x 7 1/2 inches
Product Codes 0809d, t809d, vt00809d
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Contents 1 Video download (30 minutes)
Date Published January 01, 2001
ISBN-10 1-60407-539-2
ISBN-13 978-1-60407-539-7
Product Codes 0809w, t0809w, vt00809w

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Customer Reviews

By Suzanna Axisa
Date Added: Monday 9 July 2012
I was introduced to Gabrielle Roth's work by a client of mine and bought this DVD because of it. I was not disappointed: wonderful music and inspiring words from Gabrielle. A truly excellent investment for anyone who loves to dance, or who wants to heal.

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