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Wayne Muller

Wayne Muller has dedicated his life to the service of others, having spent the last 20 years working closely with some of the most disadvantaged members of society. he is the founder of Bread for the Journey, a nationwide relief organization, and TREAT, a community-based AIDS...

Touching the Divine

Wayne Muller

from Sounds True

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Within each one of us there is a reservoir of divine wisdom; a seed of universal truth waiting to be discovered. The Kingdom of God, the Inner Light, the Buddha Nature, the Goddess within—every spiritual tradition has identified a direct personal connection to God and all that is sacred. On Touching the Divine, Wayne Muller offers a “model of heaven” (the original meaning of “contemplate”) to bring you in touch with the very center of your sacredness. In the great tradition of classical spiritual training, Muller's wise voice guides you through a “circle of contemplations:” meditations and reflections to help you find your true nature, cultivate lovingkindness, and live in simplicity and humility. It is inevitable, Muller begins, that you will come to a time in your life when you must go deeply inside to find out the truth of who you are. Often this time of deep searching emerges after a personal tragedy that suddenly “breaks you open.” Muller teaches that this sorrow is also an opportunity to touch something miraculous and whole that is waiting to change your life from within. Touching the Divine invites you to enter the sanctuary of your self, and surrender to the perfection already inside you.


  • The time of truth
  • On suffering in life
  • Forgiveness as a path to freedom
  • Lessons from the Quakers
  • Coming Home meditation
  • What is your true nature?
  • Healing from your childhood
  • True Nature meditation
  • Love vs. fear
  • Lessons of Meister Eckhart
  • “Deathbed questions”
  • Meditation on gratitude
  • Giving and identifying your special talents

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Customer Reviews

By Jonathan M
Date Added: Wednesday 31 October 2012
This was my first Sounds True tape & teaching that I fell in love with 20 years ago & still is relevant after 20 years. He speaks to the human & to the Soul in a deep & meaningful way. The tone of his voice communicates loving acceptance of life & of Self. I appreciate having the digital version.

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