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Sharon Franquemont

Sharon Franquemont is among the pioneers who established a graduate program in intuition at John F. Kennedy University. For more than 25 years, she has taught individuals, couples, and organizations how to channel their intuitive powers for better health and communication....

You Already Know What to Do

Everyday Intuition for Relationships, Career, and Spiritual Development

Sharon Franquemont

from Sounds True

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Tapping Your Intuition 24 Hours a Day

Right this moment, your intuition is gathering information that can radically transform your perceptions of yourself and your world. This insight alone, teaches pioneering intuition coach Sharon Franquemont, can inspire an extraordinary journey to the source of your life's purpose.

On You Already Know What to Do, she reveals how your natural intuitive powers already shape your personal decisions, relationships, and career. Learn to trust their loving guidance, says Franquemont, and you will step into a lifestyle rich with creativity and spiritual energy. You will learn about:

  • How to read the hidden meanings in seemingly random events
  • Intuition and the "supersexual" relationship
  • The five most frequently asked questions about intuition—and their answers
  • Meditations to try, step–by–step exercises, and much more

Intuition isn't merely a tool—it's a way of life that invites meaning, passion, and purpose into every part of your experience. Let You Already Know What to Do introduce you to this core of wisdom—and its incredible power to clarify and energize your life's path.

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Date Published April 01, 2007
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Customer Reviews

By Glenn B
Date Added: Tuesday 10 September 2013
This is great program it help me reach a deeper level of awareness while relaxing.

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