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Alan Watts

Alan Watts (1915–1973)

For spiritual seekers of many generations, Alan Watts earned a reputation as one of the most accessible—and entertaining—interpreters of Eastern philosophy in the West. Beginning at age 16, when he wrote an...

Playing Hide and Seek

The Individual as an Aperture of the Cosmos

Alan Watts

from Sounds True

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It is often difficult if not impossible to assimilate certain new ideas, especially if they come from an entirely different culture and time. In Playing Hide and Seek, the incomparable Alan Watts invites us to consider the mind-blowing truth of the total interdependence of everything in the world.

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This session is excerpted from Alan Watts's 12-CD program Out of Your Mind.

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Date Published May 05, 2011
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Customer Reviews

By Carolyn Webb
Date Added: Tuesday 22 May 2012
For some reason I was unable to receive the whole lecture. My favorite thing was his definition of holy being "whole". That was indeed fantastic. *****
By Gina
Date Added: Saturday 3 August 2013
He has some interesting ideas like all things are connected exactly as they are, and for ex., if one thing didn't exist then you would be different.

However, beware he has some blatant sexist non-humor. Hard to respect his ideas. Buy something else.

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