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Gangaji is an American-born spiritual teacher dedicated to sharing the path of freedom through simple and direct self-inquiry, as taught by the legendary sage Sri Ramana Maharshi of India. In 1990, Gangaji (then Antoinette Roberson Varner) entered this lineage through Sri...

Spiritual Awakening

Discovering Your Boundless Heart


from Sounds True

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A Heart-to-Heart Meeting with Gangaji

Have you ever felt yourself teetering at the edge of a profound and wonderful inner tipping point … but didn't know what to do next?

Do you long for a boundless love and connection that you know is there, just below the radar of your awareness?

Or, are you just curious about spiritual awakening and want to be genuinely inspired and sparked?

If so, you are invited to discover your True Nature with…

Spiritual Awakening: Discovering Your Boundless Heart

Beneath the eddies and currents of your body, your emotions, and your inner talk, there is a greater you, an all-embracing consciousness and love that rests just below the shifting tides of everyday fears and uncertainties.

"That," teaches Gangaji, "is your true nature."

And often, all it takes to awaken to it is a little guidance.

Join Gangaji in Three Rare Video Gatherings—Including Live Question & Answer Sessions

If you've ever had the chance to experience Gangaji in a satsang (literally, a meeting in truth), then you know that the transmission of deep understanding is one of her special gifts.

Gangaji doesn't simply teach. She begins by connecting with us heart-to-heart … dispels the illusions of our seemingly impossible barriers … and then lofts us into the vast expanse of our True Nature.

In these three video sessions, Gangaji invites you to awaken—not as a one-time spiritual novelty, but as a moment-to-moment experience of the liberated heart that we return to each day.

Spiritual Awakening gives you the opportunity to experience Gangaji as she teaches, reflects upon common questions, answers them fully, and—most valuably—sparks within us the immediate experience of our True Nature and the boundless love that it manifests.

Experiential Wisdom, Shared at the Deepest Level

Thousands of Gangaji's attendees have described ecstatic experiences of loving energy and empowerment when listening to her teachings. But Gangaji will be the first to tell you that she's just an ordinary person, and that there's nothing supernatural happening here.

What then?

It's through the subtleties of our voices and breath, our eyes and gestures—transmitted in the present moment—that we most powerfully share what it's like to live in our shoes.Teachers and students of many spiritual traditions know it as the experience of direct transmission. It's how the legendary teacher Sri Ramana Maharshi helped illuminate the way for his student Papaji, and how Papagji in turn helped Gangaji to awaken to our true ground of being, the infinite "I."

And now, Gangaji welcomes you to experience these teachings for yourself.

A Wealth of Insights to Satisfy Your Thinking Mind … and Then Liberate It

Through Gangaji's guidance, you will learn:

  • How we've arrived at our current experience of “me”—and the suffering it creates
  • The hidden fears, obstacles, and beliefs that divert us from our True Nature
  • Live guided instruction on the core practice of inquiry (deep self-reflection), and how it ignites continuous spiritual awakening
  • How to discern and fulfill your unique purpose in the world
  • How to reawaken each day to the loving and infinite Self that is the real you

An Invitation to Embark on Your Journey into Spiritual Awakening

The spiritual life is often viewed as an escape from the shackles of reality. Yet in truth, teaches Gangaji, your True Nature it is simply found by remaining exactly where you are, and beckoning the journey to move through you.

This is the adventure that you are invited to embark upon: to embrace the ground of freedom where you are already rooted … and to unfold into Spiritual Awakening.

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Self-Guided Video Course:
Contents 3 Video downloads (3 hours)
Date Published October 11, 2011
Product Codes 2459n, c2459n, wc02459n

Customer Reviews

By mark fleckenstein
Date Added: Wednesday 21 September 2011
I'd do that again!
By Petra Lackey
Date Added: Wednesday 24 August 2011
I really resonate with what you teach. It sounds true to me. I'm not always very good at focussing and staying with the emotion/energy in the moment, I can tell I am getting much better. I am much more aware. Thank you for your beautiful presence, Gangaji.
By James Whiting
Date Added: Tuesday 6 September 2011
Have tried a number of times to download session 2 but the link leads to a repeat of session 1.
When can I download session 2 please?

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