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Marie Manuchehri

Marie Manuchehri, RN, is a nationally known energy intuitive and Reiki master who first discovered her gifts for energetic healing while working as a registered oncology nurse. In addition to her private practice in Seattle, Washington, she leads popular workshops and hosts the...

How to Communicate with Your Spirit Guides

Connecting with Your Energetic Allies for Guidance and Healing

Marie Manuchehri

from Sounds True

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Practical Training for Invoking the Support of Your Energetic Allies

“You are always supported. You are never alone. From before you were born and throughout your whole life, you are accompanied by your spirit guides.” This is the pivotal insight that Marie Manuchehri has to share—that we all have unseen allies who are always present and ready to provide us with the aid we need. With How to Communicate with Your Spirit Guides, this gifted intuitive presents a practical training course to help you tap into the vast resources your guides have to offer for wisdom, healing, and spiritual growth.

Opening the Channels of Communication with Your Guides

Making contact with your spirit guides is just the first step on an extraordinary path of discovery. With a warm and engaging teaching style, Marie Manuchehri reveals how you can deepen your relationship with your guides and increase their role in your life. On this program, she presents guided meditations, exercises, and on-the-spot practices to help you build your ability to perceive the energetic dimensions where spirit guides exist, decode the symbolic language of your guides, and reliably communicate your intentions and needs to your helping spirits.

Our spirit guides are always working on our behalf, whether we know it or not. Yet intuitive Marie Manuchehri has found that when we develop a conscious rapport with these benevolent entities, they can offer us so much more. With How to Communicate with Your Spirit Guides, she offers essential training for making contact with the forces that have always been watching over you—and are ready to take a more active role in supporting you on your journey through this life.


  • What spirit guides are and where they come from
  • Why your guides appear to you the way they do
  • Embodied intuition—how to stay grounded while extending your senses into the subtle realms
  • How to learn to trust your ability to hear messages from your guides
  • Love, Health, Wealth, and Purpose—practices for invoking aid in four key areas of your life
  • The Akashic Records—how your guides can help you access this infinite archive of wisdom
  • More than five hours of training, insight, and practical exercises for communicating with your spirit guides from Marie Manuchehri

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Customer Reviews

By Catherine T
Date Added: Saturday 12 July 2014
This area of my spirituality is new to me, but I really enjoyed it. Marie has a beautiful voice, and the sound quality on the CDs is fantastic.
By Geraldine M
Date Added: Tuesday 8 July 2014
I just love this book. Have a hard time putting it down. It is full of great information. Has answered a lot of questions that I have had since I was little. It is a great book.
By Claire A
Date Added: Sunday 6 July 2014
Not finished with it yet, however so far I love Marie's approach, knowledge of the subject and gentle, beautiful voice which compels me to continue and thus succeed with the Spirit Guide program.
By Lamees M
Date Added: Saturday 5 July 2014
I am enjoying these CD's. Marie Manuchehri has the sweetness kindness and patience that we need in order to listen and learn and open up to the material. I believe in Spirit Guides and appreciate this material to reenforce that connection. Very nicely done.
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