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Jack Rourke

Jack Rourke has astounded civilians and law enforcement by remotely detecting verifiable facts he could not possibly know. Dubbed world-renowned by AOL's Celebrity News, his predictions have been distributed globally by the Associated Press. Jack is also a recognized paranormal...

The Rational Psychic

A Skeptic's Guide to Extraordinary Perception

Jack Rourke

from Sounds True

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Interest in psychic and paranormal phenomena has never been greater—which also means there is more confusion than ever about which claims are bogus and which are authentic. That's why Jack Rourke's perspective is so valuable. As both a practicing psychic and a dedicated parapsychological researcher, Jack is uniquely qualified to provide this inside-out, shockingly candid, and thorough explanation of what psychic perception really is… and what it isn't.

In The Rational Psychic™, Jack Rourke presents a detailed, thoughtful, and often surprising examination of seemingly supernatural and psychic events. Relying on decades of first-hand experiences and scholarly investigation, he explores fascinating subjects such as:

  • Why all people are extrasensory but not necessarily psychic
  • The difference between genuine psychic ability and paranormal perception
  • The hidden dangers of psychic development
  • What's really occurring when sensitive people discern ghosts and malicious spirits
  • How neuroscience and modern physics account for psychic perception
  • How to identify, access, and strengthen your psychic abilities

“You don't have to surrender logic or adopt any exotic beliefs to accept that psychic phenomena are real,” Jack Rourke explains. “Nor do you have to automatically deny any evidence about the paranormal to be a critical thinker.” Whether you are seeking answers about your own mysterious experiences, interested in developing your own psychic gifts, or simply a curious skeptic, The Rational Psychic is a must-read book that will challenge what you think you know while making sense of the unexplained.

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Hardcover Book:
Contents Hardcover book (239 pages)
Date Published October 01, 2012
ISBN-10 1-60407-804-9
ISBN-13 978-1-60407-804-6
Product Codes 2580, k2580, bk02580

Customer Reviews

By Joan C
Date Added: Friday 11 July 2014
Jack wrote a very brilliant and profound book on becoming a psychic. I highly recommend it, his insights and research go beyond expectations
By Erica
Date Added: Monday 22 October 2012
Thank you Jack. Wonderful and intelligent book full of insight and solid research. I'm inspired by your bravery to pursue these ideas and phenomena from a POV of health, skepticism, caution and evidentiary reasoning. And I do think "bravery" is the right term. Well-done.

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