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David Grand

David Grand, PhD, is a licensed clinical social worker with a private psychotherapy practice in Manhattan. His clients include survivors of traumas such as 9/11, Katrina, and active combat, as well as professional performers, athletes, and business leaders. He is the author of...


The Revolutionary New Therapy for Rapid and Effective Change

David Grand

from Sounds True

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Brain-based therapy is the fastest-growing area in the field of psychological health because it has proven that it can immediately address issues that talk therapy can take years to heal. Now Dr. David Grand presents the next leap forward in psychological care—combining the strengths of brain-based and talk therapies into a powerful technique he calls Brainspotting. In Brainspotting, Dr. Grand reveals the key insight that allowed him to develop this revolutionary therapeutic tool: that where we look reveals critical information about what's going on in our brain. Join him to learn about:

  • The history of Brainspotting—how it evolved from EMDR practice as a more versatile tool for brain-based therapy
  • Brainspotting in action—case studies and evidence for the effectiveness of the technique
  • An overview of the different aspects of Brainspotting and how to use them
  • Between sessions—how clients can use Brainspotting on their own to reinforce and accelerate healing
  • Why working simultaneously with the right and left brain can lead to expanded creativity and athletic performance
  • How Brainspotting can be used to treat PTSD, anxiety, depression, addiction, physical pain, chronic illness, and much more

“Brainspotting lets the therapist and client participate together in the healing process,” explains Dr. Grand. “It allows us to harness the brain's natural ability for self-scanning, so we can activate, locate, and process the sources of trauma and distress in the body.” With Brainspotting, this pioneering researcher introduces an invaluable tool that can support virtually any form of therapeutic practice—and greatly accelerate our ability to heal.

“David Grand is one of the most important and effective psychological trauma therapists now practicing, and his development of Brainspotting is a very important leap forward in helping people resolve trauma. Brainspotting is a remarkable, sophisticated, flexible addition to the therapeutic toolkit of any psychotherapist. I know because I use it regularly, and find that, combined with the psychoanalytic approaches I normally practice, the results are astonishingly helpful. Using it, one becomes amazed at the extent to which our traumas can be detected in our ordinary facial and eye reflexes, and how, by using these windows to inner mental states, many traumas and symptoms can be rapidly relieved. Grand writes clearly, and the cases, dramatic as they are, are not exaggerated.”
—Norman Doidge, MD, FRCPC, author of The Brain That Changes Itself; faculty, University of Toronto, Department of Psychiatry, and Columbia University Department of Psychiatry Center for Psychoanalytic Training and Research

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Customer Reviews

By Louise F
Date Added: Saturday 27 April 2013
In resonse to your query, Dr. Grand's Brainspotting book more than met my expectations. In fact, that's why I ordered six more copies. As a lay person, I wanted to share it with my therapists and other therapists who have helped me along my journey. They were most appreciative and interested in Dr. Grand's groundbreaking work. Thanks for asking.
By Thomas E. Taylor, M.Div., LMSW
Date Added: Friday 22 March 2013
David Grand's book, "Brainspotting: The Revolutionary New Therapy for Effective Change", is an excellent book for both the general public as well as mental health professionals. His anecdotes and stories, highlight what Brainspotting is and how it works, and makes for an easy read. But, Dr. Grand also expands on the more technical aspects of the treatment for therapists and those wanting to know more about the science of Brainspotting.

In the book there is an excellent glossary of terms and a listing of other resources as well. If you or someone you know suffers from PTSD, trauma, grief or any kind of loss than do yourself a favor and please read "Brainspotting."

Also, if you are an artist, actor or athlete struggling with your craft or you just want to get better at it, than read "Brainspotting" too.

I have used this treatment for every conceivable issue I can think of: trauma, relationship issues,
grief, sports performance and creativity enhancement. I have used it with firefighters, police officers, combat veterans, 9/11 survivors, athletes, artists, children, couples and people who have survived accidents and abuse. It is remarkable and the book tells you everything you need to know about this terrific resource and therapeutic tool.

Brainspotting can be a stand alone treatment or it can be integrated with other therapies along with the background and experience of the therapist. It is very much a client centered therapy and works consciously and unconsciously on thoughts, memories, emotions and physiological reactions or body memories.

Simply put, Brainspotting works and works extremely well. It never ceases to amaze me how this treatment can help others to help heal themselves. As David says in this wonderful book, "Where you look affects how you feel."

By Louise Fitzgerald
Date Added: Wednesday 20 March 2013
Dr. Grand's new book is incredibly well written and full of wonderful insights and techniques for therapists who are looking to powerfully enhance their clients' healing. I admire the clients who stay with treatment year after year. To be able to help speed up the healing process will be most welcomed and appreciated by those who truly are working hard, but are stuck. Thank you, Dr. Grand. Excellent work. Keep up the good work. Ms. Fitzgerald/NYC

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