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A lifelong interest in the nature of consciousness and the mechanics of personal choice has inspired David Ison to create dozens of musical meditation offerings. His critically acclaimed albums The Musical Body Program, The Harmonizer, and Balance,...

David Ison's Sleep and Relax

David Ison

from The Relaxation Company

Audio Download: US $11.18
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These musical tools from David Ison will help you Relax and Sleep

Sleep—Don’t Spend Another Night Tossing and Turning

This breakthrough musical recording has been proven at the National Institutes of Health to help you relax deeply and quiet your mind. You will feel the effects almost immediately as layers of tension melt away, and you drift off to deep, restful sleep.

Relax—Release the Stress of Your Day Easily and Naturally

The concept for this irresistibly soothing musical recording was initially conceived of by David Ison as he was trying to find a way to heal himself after a serious automobile accident. After making a full recovery—which shocked his doctors—Ison perfected the musical innovations he had discovered, and created this highly effective musical relaxation tool. Later, the National Institutes of Health launched a three-year study that proved this music does indeed elicit the relaxation response in patients.

After just a few minutes of listening to the music on Relax, your breathing pattern will lock onto the music and gently slow down, leading you easily and naturally to states of deep, rejuvenating relaxation.

NOTE: Sleep is the same as The Ison Sleep System.

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Contents Audio download (1 hour, 50 minutes)
Date Published February 01, 2013
Product Codes 3936w, c3936w, rc03936w

Customer Reviews

By Linda R
Date Added: Friday 5 April 2013
I like the "relax" one for sleep and the "sleep" one for relax; they are both excellent.
By naila h
Date Added: Monday 1 April 2013
i am really enjoying the rest of the products i purchased however have not received the sleep and relax CDs and thank you for asking.

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