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Lorin Roche

Lorin Roche signed up for a research project on the physiology of meditation in 1968 when he was eighteen years old and has been a meditator ever since. He teaches a form of practice that he calls Instinctive Meditation, which works with each person's uniqueness from the inside...

Meditation for Yoga Lovers

Let Your Body Teach Your Mind

Lorin Roche

from Sounds True

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Embracing All That Is: The Internal Yoga of Meditation

When we approach meditation as a wide-open embrace of life, we can let our bodies be our best meditation teachers. Created for yoga practitioners and everyone else, Meditation for Yoga Lovers invites you to join Lorin Roche to leap into a meditation practice unique to you (because it will naturally unfold from the rich tapestry of your own experience in the moment).

With a poetic delivery and the wisdom of forty years of teaching and practicing, Lorin describes the central skills of yoga meditation, including non-judgment, finding focus, tuning in to your inner world, the spirit of adventure, and more. Then he opens up the meditator's toolkit to share a series of guided exercises including:

  • Instinctive awareness practice for embracing "the wise motions of life"
  • Salute to the senses—a practice for continually turning toward the life within and without
  • Mantra practice for expressing joy, delight, awe, and pleasure
  • Breath meditation-a celebration of all the colors of prana (energy)

"Connectedness is the sacred function of meditation," explains Lorin Roche, "because it is a time that we give ourselves to weave together and coordinate all of the elements of our being." Meditation for Yoga Lovers welcomes you to the beautiful art of inner connection with your own essence and life itself.

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Customer Reviews

By Susan
Date Added: Saturday 10 May 2014
Intuitive meditation is what I've been doing without knowing it or thinking it was meditation. Wow! Answers to questions I never knew how to ask.
Instruction and wisdom i rejoice in and accept gratefully.

Thank you so much Lorin Roche!
Susan Green
By Marjolein D
Date Added: Thursday 12 September 2013
Very inviting

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