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Sera Beak

Sera Beak is a Harvard-trained scholar of comparative world religions who spent years traveling the world studying spirituality with Sufi dervishes, Tibetan monks, Croatian mystics, shamans,...

Red Hot and Holy

A Heretic’s Love Story

Sera Beak

from Sounds True

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When one person dares to speak her truth, it challenges us all to live our own. With Red Hot and Holy, Sera Beak offers a provocative and intimate view of what it means to get up close and personal with the divine in modern times.

With a rare combination of audacious wit, scholarly acumen, and tender vulnerability—vibrantly mixed with red wine, rock songs, tattoos, and erotic encounters—Sera candidly chronicles the highs and lows of her mystical journey. From the innocence of her childhood crush on God; through a whirlwind of torrid liaisons and bitter break-ups with Christianity, Buddhism, Sufism, Hinduism, and the New Age; and finally into committed monogamy with her own Red Hot and Holy Goddess, Sera shares transformative insights, encouraging us all to trust our unique path and ignite our own spiritual love affair.

Sera Beak's luscious writing and renegade spiritual wisdom that slices through religious and new age dogma made her debut book The Red Book a breakout success. With Red Hot and Holy she offers a far more personal book—an illuminating, hilarious, and above all utterly honest portrait of the heart-opening process of mystical realization. This hot and holy book invites you to embrace your soul, unleash your true Self, and burn, baby, burn with divine love.

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Hardcover Book:
Contents Hardcover book (264 pages)
Date Published July 01, 2013
ISBN-10 1-62203-053-2
ISBN-13 978-1-62203-053-8
Dimensions 6 1/4 x 9 1/4 inches
Product Codes 3689, k3689, bk03689
Digital Book:
Contents eBook (264 pages)
Date Published July 01, 2013
ISBN-13 978-1-62203-111-5
Product Codes 3689w, k3689w, bk03689w

Customer Reviews

By Alan Kirk
Date Added: Monday 23 June 2014
Red Hot & Holy is brilliant! I originally bought this book for my daughter, but after she read it and loved it (and my wife, too), I decided to read it as well. It is a beautifully written memoir - authentic, frank, funny, serious, whimsical, and deeply spiritual (to the extent that words can convey spirit). I especially appreciate the blend of strength and vulnerability Sera Beak brings to this work. I greatly admire her persistence in stripping away the many influences of our cultural patriarchy (of which I am a part) to come to a clearer knowing of a truly feminine spirituality, and I am so very grateful for her courage in sharing her insights.
By Julia T
Date Added: Thursday 1 May 2014
great service and utterly awesome book!!!
By Anne O'Sullivan
Date Added: Thursday 20 March 2014
Terrifically interesting and honest book of a born mystic's journey that can resonate for many women, certainly, it did for me and I'm no mystic!
By Les
Date Added: Wednesday 19 March 2014
Excellent, problem free interaction. There are many vendors I have dealt with in this current on-line world of book and music vending that could benefit from your style. Thank You.
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