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Rick Hanson

Rick Hanson, Ph.D., is a neuropsychologist, Senior Fellow of the Greater Good Science Center at UC Berkeley, and New York Times best-selling author. His books include Hardwiring Happiness: The New Brain Science of Contentment, Calm, and Confidence (in 14 languages),...

Self-Directed Brain Change

Rewire Your Neural Pathways for Happiness and Resilience

Rick Hanson

from Sounds True

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Rewire Your Brain for Happiness—A Step-By-Step Program

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Self-Directed Brain Change is based on a key emerging insight from neuroscience: that to keep our ancestors alive, the human brain evolved to stick to negative experiences like Velcro and shrug off the positive ones like Teflon. The good news, teaches Rick Hanson, is that we can retrain our neural structure out of "sheer survival" mode and into one of greater well-being, mental clarity, and moment-to-moment appreciation. In this practice-focused program, Dr. Hanson teaches us how to:

  • Shift our evolutionary fear and survival bias into one of "taking in the good"
  • Use positive moments or states to rewire happiness as an enduring neural trait
  • Heal difficult or painful emotional memories to "fill the hole in the heart"
  • Increase and deepen daily experiences of love, gratitude, and contentment
  • Build inner resilience in the face of stress and challenging situations, improve relationships, and much more

Is it possible to rewire yourself for happiness? A growing body of evidence from this pioneering neuropsychologist and his colleagues says yes, we can—and experience greater fulfillment and contentment the moment we begin. With Self-Directed Brain Change, you will learn how.

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Contents 4 CDs (5 hours, 2 minutes)
Date Published October 01, 2013
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Dimensions 5 1/2 x 4 3/4 inches
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Customer Reviews

Date Added: Saturday 15 March 2014
Easy to follow, and an easy speaking style to listen to. I listened through it once, took notes the 2nd time through. I have put these techniques into practice and they are working. I am replacing the negative with the positive. I am grateful and recommend this to anyone who is looking for a way to get out of a rut of negative self-talk.
By K. Jolene Rutherford
Date Added: Saturday 8 February 2014
I am extremely happy with Rick Hanson's cd set. Everyday, I learn something new and beneficial from listening to it and am so glad I bought it.
By carol k
Date Added: Sunday 22 December 2013
This course exceeded my expectations. Rick has a wonderful easy manner, which immediately creates an empathetic environment. He has the knack of presenting things in an easy to digest and friendly way. Highly recommended. I would take other courses offered by Rick. Rick really is a great trainer/tutor.
By mary c
Date Added: Tuesday 17 December 2013
Excellent, easy enough to assimilate and apply.
The results are uplifting
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