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Henry Grayson

Henry Grayson, PhD, received his degree from Boston University and a postdoctoral certificate in Psychoanalysis and Psychotherapy from four years of postdoctoral training at the Postgraduate Center for Mental Health in New York City. He is the founder and Chairman Emeritus of...

The New Physics of Love

The Power of Mind and Spirit in Relationships

Henry Grayson

from Sounds True

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What do quantum physics and love have in common? Fifteen years ago, preeminent psychologist and philosopher Henry Grayson made a remarkable observation: that in the wildly different realms of atoms and intimate relationships, our thoughts alone can create undeniably real effects. In quantum experiments, reveals Grayson, when we change our minds, we literally change the state of matter itself. Imagine, then, how deeply our thoughts can affect our relationships.

On The New Physics of Love, you will put aside the traditional methods of couples and family counseling that focus on emotions, memories, and personal biography, and begin to look at your relationships from an entirely different perspective. It is what you are thinking that silently guides all of your feelings and behaviors, he teaches, and that by working intelligently with those thoughts, you can create a deeper connection and intimacy with those you love.

Beyond Psychotherapy and the Ego:
Spiritual Tools for More Loving Relationships
At the heart of all relationship issues lie two basic fears: the fear of losing one's self and the fear of losing the other. Can you overcome these fears simply by sharing your feelings or working on what you say and do? Not in the long run, teaches Grayson, because if you want real change to occur, you must learn to see beyond your ego or small self and open your awareness to the vast field of intelligence that permeates everyone and everything around you.

Drawing from the lucid observations of Hindu, Buddhist, and Christian philosophies and the newest currents in scientific thinking today, Henry Grayson guides you personally through this thinking person's course for creating better, more loving relationships. With dozens of specific techniques and exercises, you will learn how to break through the narrow perceptions that can trap you in patterns of resentment and isolation, how to heal the wounds that have already occurred, and how to cultivate your natural capacity to love in a healthier and more satisfying way.

Today, half of all marriages will end in divorce and more than half of those who remain together say they are unhappy. Does it have to be this way? Not if you're ready to put aside everything you thought you knew about relationships and discover a richer, more authentic way of loving through the principles and practices available on The New Physics of Love.


  • Your thinking mind—why your ability to love depends on it
  • Relationship insights from the world of quantum physics
  • Twelve common barriers to true love, and how to overcome them
  • Beyond psychology—relationship work seldom taught in therapy
  • Authentic love vs. “counterfeit” love—a self-assessment checklist
  • Using your mind to forgive and heal past wounds
  • On-the-spot techniques to defuse conflicts as they arise
  • How silent thoughts can transform your relationships
  • Imagination training to rekindle intimacy with the one you love
  • Breathing and body-oriented exercises to calm the emotions
  • More than nine hours of meditations, exercises, and discussion to improve your relationships right now

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Contents 9 CDs (9 hours, 15 minutes), 1 study guide (64 pages)
Date Published June 01, 2000
ISBN-10 1-59179-786-1
ISBN-13 978-1-59179-786-9
Product Codes 1215d, f1215d, af01215d
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Contents 1 Audio download (9 hours, 15 minutes), 1 study guide (64 pages)
Date Published June 01, 2000
ISBN-13 978-1-60407-243-3
Product Codes 1215w, f1215w, af01215w

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Customer Reviews

By Ralph D
Date Added: Monday 8 September 2014
Excellent Audio book. I had it on cassette and purchased it again on download.
By Gena L
Date Added: Thursday 4 September 2014
This is an amazing tranformation-causing program. Give it to yourself as a gift, be the change! Thank you Dr. Grayson and Sounds True!
By anne marie f
Date Added: Sunday 28 July 2013
Excellent on all fronts. I listen to this audio over and over and each time I do so I gain more insights
By Tom Grenier
Date Added: Friday 3 February 2012
I haven't finished this yet - about two-thirds through - and so far I am very impressed. It is much better than I thought from the review or the teaser.
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