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Caroline Myss is the author of four New York Times bestsellers: Anatomy of the Spirit, Sacred Contracts, Invisible Acts of Power, and Why People Don’t Heal and How They...

Norm Shealy

C. Norman Shealy, MD, PhD, is president of Holos Institutes of Health, Inc., a nonprofit organization devoted to research, education, and clinical services in holistic health. A neurosurgeon trained at Massachusetts General Hospital after medical school at Duke University, he...

The Science of Medical Intuition Online Course

Self-Diagnosis and Healing with Your Body's Energy Systems

Caroline Myss

Norm Shealy

from Sounds True

Self-Guided Video Course: US $79.00
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America's #1 Medical Intuitive and a Harvard-Trained Neurosurgeon Teach You Their Complete Curriculum on Medical Intuition

What is your intuition telling you about your health right now?

Are you sensing the influences within you that create your physical and spiritual well-being?

In the emerging field of energy medicine, ordinary people with no prior training are learning how to tap into the power of their own medical intuition to:

  • Perceive when and how people around us are affecting our bodies
  • Identify where toxic memories are residing within our cellular structures
  • Use the divine power of creation that holds the key to our physical, mental, and spiritual health

What You Will Receive:

  • 18 hours of audio sessions and three hours of recorded live video presentations, yours to download and keep
  • Ten in-depth training sessions with Caroline Myss and Norm Shealy
  • Written course materials to support your training

Explore Intuitive Self-Diagnosis and Healing with Two Pioneers in the Field

Caroline Myss is called America's #1 medical intuitive because of her documented 93 percent accuracy rate in a scientific blind study conducted by Dr. Norm Shealy, a Harvard-trained neurosurgeon, graduate of Duke Medical School, and founder of the prestigious American Holistic Medical Association two decades ago.

One thing Caroline insists about her intuition: "This is not a gift. It's a skill."

In fact, since the 1980s, Caroline has given hundreds of workshops and seminars about intuitive development, teaching that you, too, are a receiver of energy who is full of data and information about your life, your spirit, your higher purpose, even your future.Now, teamed up with Dr. Shealy in a course originally presented at Holos University, Caroline teaches people to develop the ability to read, discern, and interpret their own energetic patterns so they can make wise and clear life decisions—and improve their health at every level. (In fact, The Science of Medical Intuition is the prerequisite course to all other medical intuition study at Holos University.)

Serious Training for Energetic Self-Healing

Caroline and Norm believe the most effective way to introduce people to their intuitive gifts is through personal instruction. That's why they've created the Science of Medical Intuition online course.

With instruction divided into 10 lessons, this in-depth curriculum includes more than 18 hours of audio teaching, three hours of recorded live video presentations, and a wealth of written lessons that will teach you techniques, exercises, and insights for living as a powerfully intuitive and creative person, fully attuned to your health and your destiny. Accessing the 10 sequential lessons in an on-demand timeframe that best matches your needs and learning style, you will:

  • Discover the foundations of your intuitive skill
  • Learn to cooperate with (instead of resist) your intuitive feedback mechanism
  • Develop an intuitive rapport not just with your body, but with your entire life
  • Work with archetypes, imagery, and symbols—the language of the psyche
  • Use spiritual alchemy to engage your struggles as a source of transformation and wisdom

As Caroline puts it, "Nothing is more ordinary than discovering how extraordinary you and your powers are."

Here's how you will learn to access those gifts:

Your Chakra System—Seven Keys to Collecting Intuitive Data

The oldest known healing science originated in India more than 4,000 years ago. This all-natural system for vibrant health, used by millions of people, is based on the chakras—the seven vital energy centers of your body. Your chakras, Caroline teaches, hold the key to gathering energetic information beyond your five senses, because they are constantly transmitting information about your organs, your tissue, your mental and emotional states, even your spiritual purpose.

With The Science of Medical Intuition, you will become intimate with each chakra to:

  • See how your personal history gets encoded in your chakras
  • Enter and release painful memories that are living in your chakra database
  • Protect your chakras (which can act as emotional magnets) from picking up dangerous energy from the people around you
  • Focus the higher powers of your own jewel of potential—the seventh chakra
  • Bring the chakras that compete over your life's direction into alignment
  • Cleanse and re-wire your own energetic system

Science and the Holographic View of Health and Wellness

To Dr. Shealy and Caroline Myss, we are multisensory beings—connected directly with the energy of the universe—able to profoundly influence our individual and collective well-being. In The Science of Medical Intuition, Dr. Shealy immerses you in this holographic view of health, informing you of the facts and history behind this emerging science, including:

  • The 19th-century figures who paved the way for this phenomenal field of study
  • The five circuits and chemicals that make up your body's electrical wiring
  • Why low levels of the hormone DHEA are associated with every major illness—and how to boost your levels to normal
  • The single cause of 75 percent of all illness, and how to get it under control—or even reverse it—in two 20-minute sessions a day
  • Imagery proven to lower free radicals in your blood stream to zero

After 35 years of groundbreaking research and study, Dr. Shealy has come to this clear conclusion: "To be truly effective, the practice of healing in the future must merge traditional medicine with a deeper understanding of the human energy system." Withthe Science of Medical Intuition online course, you are invited to begin using this medicine of the future in your life right now.

Begin Your Intuition Training Today

Clearly, a multitude of factors affect your health, from your genetics to the environment. Many of these factors we cannot change. What you can control is your ability to perceive and influence the energetic conditions within you. Why not take charge of this crucial dimension of your health and well-being? With this milestone course taught by Dr. Norm Shealy and Caroline Myss, you can begin benefiting from their revolutionary tools today with lessons you can download and keep.

What People Are Saying about The Science of Medical Intuition

"Caroline and Norm are the best teachers for this particular subject matter. I've studied with them together and each individually. I attended their classes when Holos first started. What a treat to hear them teaching this subject again."—C.S., via SoundsTrue.com

"Anyone interested in holistic healing or the power of the mind should check this out."—Boston Herald

"Wow! This course is incredible. You certainly get far more than what you pay for. I am impressed with the quality of the presentation and the ease of use. Caroline Myss is a gem—honest, straightforward, and with a sense of humor. Dr. Shealy is generous with his intellect. This is a wonderful course for everyone interested in self-awareness and growth."—W.R., via SoundsTrue.com

"The material is well presented, easy to use, and very informative. I look forward to learning and implementing much of the knowledge shared."—S.K., via SoundsTrue.com

"Being an integrated healing therapist, I feel that this course would be an added help in my profession."—F.S., via SoundsTrue.com

What You'll Experience with the Science of Medical Intuition Online Course

Session One—Medical Intuition: A Science Whose Time Has Come
This session explores the art and science of medical intuition and the evolution of human consciousness. Other topics include the management of energy and power leakages, asking intuitive questions, and how to call your spirit back to present time. The session's video lessons introduce the chakras—the centers of energy within the human body—and discuss in-depth the first chakra and its association with tribal power.

Session Two—The History of Medical Intuition
An overview of the history of medical intuition and the work of the early pioneers in this emerging field—from Edgar Cayce and Carl Jung to Elmer Green and Alice Bailey and more. You experience the early work of Caroline Myss and some of the ethical aspects of practicing as a medical intuitive. This session's video lessons continue your exploration of the chakra system, including an in-depth look at the second and third chakras—the areas of relationships and personal power.

Session Three—Opening to Your Intuitive Voice
Intuition is the natural state of all living beings; it is an instinct we all share. In this session, you begin to learn how to open to your own intuition, allowing it to flow freely in your life. Some 40 exercises are available to experiment with—throughout this course and beyond—designed to enhance your intuitive abilities and give you greater access to the power of the present moment. The video lessons continue with chakras four through six, which are associated with emotional power, the power of will, and the power of the mind.

Session Four—The Holographic View and Guided Imagery for Working with the Body, Attitudes, and Emotions
This session begins with an explanation of the holographic connection between the various systems of the body—physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. After a brief discussion on the principles and benefits of guided imagery, you learn how to use the practice to feel areas in your body and balance your attitudes and emotions. The video lessons conclude with an in-depth look at the seventh chakra, your spiritual connector, and the importance of merging the spiritual with the physical. This session also includes a daily practice for aligning with the seven sacred truths as revealed by the chakra system.

Session Five—Sensing Information through Chakras One, Two, and Three
This session provides a guided tour of the first three chakras and begins to familiarize you with how these energy centers function in the mind, body, and spirit. Next you're guided through a series of specific questions designed to give you a direct and personal experience of chakras one, two, and three. Then you learn the importance of being impersonal in intuitive work and practice a powerful set of visualizations to help you begin reading your energy as it expresses itself through the first three chakras.

Session Six—Sensing Information through Chakras Four, Five, Six, and Seven
The exploration of the chakras continues as you move above the waist and into the alchemical laboratory of chakras four through seven. Your goal in this session is achieving balance between the interactions of these four chakras for harmony of body, mind, emotions, and spirit. Again, you have the opportunity to reflect on a number of specific questions designed to take you into direct and personal experiences of these energy centers. The session concludes with a powerful set of visualizations that help develop your connection to these four energy centers.

Session Seven—Sensing Archetypal Information
Caroline Myss has described three levels of power: tribal/physical, personal/emotional, and archetypal/symbolic. This session focuses on the third level—that of the archetypes—and the importance of understanding and working with these energies in your life. From Pioneer and Poet to Seeker or Student, you identify which of the numerous archetypal dimensions describe you best—an important process in developing your medical intuition that helps you to understand not only yourself, but also your relationships, from a higher perspective.

Session Eight—Guided Imagery: The Rings of Fire, Earth, Water, and Air
In this session, you're introduced to the first four of the five Sacred Rings—energetic circuits that Myss and Shealy have developed and tested over the past 15 years. Through guided imagery and insightful tips, you learn how to work with and activate the Rings of Earth, Fire, Water, and Air as powerful tools on your healing journey.

Session Nine—The Ring of Crystal and Past-Life Guided Imagery
Earth, Fire, Water, and Air are all energetic rings that have to do with the daily maintenance of our energetic body. This session covers the final ring—the Ring of Crystal, which also assists in maintenance, but functions more importantly in regeneration. In this session, you learn how to stimulate the Ring of Crystal and help reduce free radicals—a key to remaining healthy and youthful.

Session Ten—Discovering Your Intuitive Code
How do you receive intuitive information? This final session explores the uniquely individual process that we all go through in determining our own intuitive code—the organized way in which Spirit communicates with us and guides us in the most responsible use of our energy. From the nature of perception and how we make choices, to the price of low self-esteem and your commitment to the intuitive life, the lessons cover a variety of critical topics related to your life as a medical intuitive—concluding with an intuitive self-evaluation and discussion of where you might go from here.

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Self-Guided Video Course:
Contents Video download, Audio download
Date Published January 30, 2011
Product Codes 2650n, c2650n, wc02650n

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Customer Reviews

By Shirley K
Date Added: Sunday 1 June 2014
Although i haven't finished this course yet, it's wonderful, worth way more than the price I paid and every person who practices healing on their own body and spirit and others would benefit from this.
By Nancy P
Date Added: Wednesday 19 March 2014
I've just started the lessons and the content is interesting and well-organized. I love it that Caroline's voice is guiding you through the material. The simultaneous note taking option is brilliant!
By Dawn Pinke Andreson
Date Added: Tuesday 11 March 2014
How can you NOT love Carolyn Myss! And, to hear her together with Norm Shealy is just over-the-top awesome! Great course...
By Rosanne
Date Added: Tuesday 19 March 2013
I was drawn to Dr. Myss over a decade ago, when I saw and heard her give a PBS presentation. I immediately was enthralled by the matter and substance of her teaching, for I have been an intuitive searcher for many years. Schooled by Benedictine nuns for the most part and centered in a deep Catholic tradition, my spirit has always been primary and partnered with Christ at the center of my heart and worship...my life.

I had purchased her morning and evening spiritual mediatation cassettes and have used them since 1999. Little did I know or ever fathom, that a car accident would be the reason why I would find a deeper need to listen to Dr. Myss. Maddening cervicogenic headaches ensued due to a concussion and the need for relief through traveling through the chakra system became almost addictive. For almost three years I listened attentively, as I journied through physical therapy and a knee operation. These were healing sounds and a partnering with my personal spirit and that of faith.

I feel I am being moved in many of the ways Dr. Myss refers to in her presentation...detachment towards loved ones as well as a work of over three decades. Change is on the horizon, while I am feeling pain in my body as well...in a particular area. Perhaps it is a letting go of past hurt in the same area which springs from puberty and the remembrance of ovarian pain. It has been diagnosed as an imbedded cyst the doctor does not want to remove. Can I remove it through a deeper consciousness? Is there an intuition working here through the pain and a feeling of being on the precipice of change? To do what? These are my questions. Can this inquiry and testimony to Dr. Myss be forwarded to her directly for consultation?
I would appreciate a response to perhaps arrange for an intuitive reading.

Thank you for your time and consideration. I am most grateful.

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