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Catherine Shainberg

Catherine Shainberg, PhD, is the founder of the School of Images® and has over 40 years' experience in adapting traditional practices into a modern medical context. She is the author of Kabbalah and the Power of Dreaming, and teaches workshops internationally. Dr....


Imagery for Conception, Pregnancy, Labor, and Bonding

Catherine Shainberg

from Sounds True

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Tapping Your Creative Power for the Complete Journey of Childbirth

Many pregnancy guides focus on what's going on in a mother's body—yet our thoughts, dreams, and imagination can have the greatest impact on our experience of childbirth. Dr. Catherine Shainberg's DreamBirth® is a powerful method for using imagery to access your body's vast creative intelligence. With DreamBirth, she presents four CDs of imagery exercises created for parents and birth professionals alike, with more than 90 practices for:

  • Conception—easing anxiety, harmonizing with your partner, and welcoming a new life
  • Pregnancy—reducing physical discomfort and morning sickness, rehearsing for birth, and tuning in to your body's needs and to your baby
  • Labor—minimizing medication, choosing the right professional care, and consciously monitoring each step of the birth
  • Bonding—feeling into your baby's needs, nursing and emotional connection, and supporting your child's extraordinary life

"Women and men are life creators," teaches Dr. Shainberg. "DreamBirth reconnects us with the boundless knowledge that nature has given to us for this purpose." Join this pioneering clinician to learn imaginal methods for transforming your hopes into reality—into the birth of your dreams.

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Contents 4 CDs (4 hours, 34 minutes)
Date Published January 01, 2014
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Date Published January 01, 2014
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By Nako M
Date Added: Monday 10 March 2014
Original, effective and well worth the purchase!

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