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Daniel Ladinsky

Daniel Ladinsky was born and raised in the Midwest. For six years he made his home in a spiritual community in western India, where he worked in a rural clinic free to the poor, and lived with the intimate disciples and family of Meher Baba. Daniel has published three volumes...

Stevin McNamara

Stevin McNamara has been playing music since the age of nine and has been recording music for more than 25 years. He has composed and performed the introductory music on hundreds of Sounds True's audio-learning courses. (We can't tell you how many customers call us and ask,...

Customer Reviews for Hafiz: The Scent of Light

By Justine S
Date Added: Saturday 16 February 2013
Loved, loved, loved this c.d.
By Rosalie Dow
Date Added: Friday 17 February 2012
At first I thought the poetry was weird and a little silly, but as I listened I became enthralled. These short statements are so rich with meaning and every time I listen I get something different to take away. Love it!
By Andrew Young
Date Added: Wednesday 4 March 2009
As an amateur poet, my first response to hearing this recording was total despair...Ladinsky's translations and Nataraja's reading is so frickin' moving and gutsy that I have given up all hope of creating a love quatrain that will ever come close. The music by Stevin McNamara is more Indian than Persian, but is largely responsible for the power of this recording. Warning: play this in very small doses, just 1-2 tracks at a time or you may blow out a tire. ;) - AY
By Daniel Budd
Date Added: Sunday 11 December 2011
too much music, not enough Hafiz - I'm returning it for refund

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