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Shri Anandi Ma

Shri Anandi Ma is a meditation and yoga teacher with students and disciples in India, Europe, and North America. She is the spiritual heir of the legendary teacher Shri Dhyanyogi Madhusudandasji, who specialized in using the power of mantras and meditation for uplifting the...

Dileepji Pathak

Shri Anandi Ma is the spiritual heir of the great Indian saint known as Shri Dhyanyogi Madhusudandasji, a master of kundalini yoga. When she was a young girl, Shri Anandi Ma experienced very deep states of meditation. Finally, while worshipping the Divine Mother, Shri Anandi Ma...

Customer Reviews for Mantras for Abundance

By Keridak S
Date Added: Sunday 24 August 2014
I had the CD and really looked forward to the download. I love Shri Anandi Ma's Mantras for Abundance and highly recommend it.

I was disappointed that the downloads came separately and that the introduction that is on the CD was not included.
By Douglas H
Date Added: Wednesday 26 September 2012
This is such a sweet sound to enjoy.

Of course, I can't explain how or why it works, but it simply makes me feel peaceful and joyful to listen

By Maria Dinis
Date Added: Sunday 22 April 2012
By B. DuChantier
Date Added: Friday 27 November 2009
This CD was my first introduction to mantras
I listened to the CD for 30 consecutuve days & it worked on the 29th day, I received a huge blessing of abundance & it was something I had been wishing for for years. When you receive the blessing of abundance, it is said that the universe/God will bless you with whatever it feels you need. Ive since told all my friends about it.
THIS CD IS NO JOKE & VERY POWERFUL. I repeat the process of listening for 30 days every now & then for additional blessings. There's always room for more blessings in everyone s life Im sure. especially if you're ready to make the committment of listening to it every day for 30 days 1 hour before sunrise & sunset.
It is a sure shot investment for only $16 dollars.
Such a small price to pay for big results in only 30 days.
By Ann D
Date Added: Wednesday 9 April 2014
It feels good to listen to this and open up
By Peter R
Date Added: Thursday 10 April 2014
Pretty voice, not sure if it "works." Would have been been helpfful if the mantras had a name or instruction with them. But then, I am a guy, with a linear goal mindset...

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