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William Lee Rand is one of the world's foremost Reiki practitioners and teachers. He is founder and president of The International Center for Reiki Training, has 25 years experience practicing Reiki, is publisher and editor of the Reiki News Magazine, is author of...

Customer Reviews for The Reiki Touch

By I. Marie M.
Date Added: Monday 19 May 2014
I have taken Reiki I and II classes and this has been a great addition to my training. So glad I ordered it!
By Pamela A
Date Added: Thursday 31 October 2013
The Reiki kit is just a wonderful resource and a great value. It's got a book, a DVD with different Reiki techniques, an CD of meditations, a CD with beautiful relaxation music and a set of cards with additional information. I recommend this kit to all of my Reiki students and they love it!
By Lisa M
Date Added: Wednesday 28 November 2012
I loved it and found it very useful! Excellent material!
By Andrea Redwood
Date Added: Monday 26 March 2012
The Reiki Touch
I have used this set every day since I have recieved it. The guided meditiation is amazing, my friends think so too. The book is so informative, and answers many questions I had. The the whole package has also reminded me that giving myself reiki is just as important as giving Reiki to others.

Thank you
William Rand.
Date Added: Saturday 25 February 2012
Yes, it is very useful and I have listened and watch almost daily.

Thank you!
By Cheryl Floyd
Date Added: Wednesday 8 February 2012
awesome addition to my library, especially enjoy the meditation cd.
By Laura
Date Added: Wednesday 25 January 2012
Wow, this is an awesome help to me! I have taken Reiki I and II but something was missing to make me feel confident in going forward; this is the missing piece! I found the whole kit just tied together a lot of loose ends for me from my training.... and most of all is very comforting, reassuring, peaceful and inspiring...
By Christena Rockey
Date Added: Thursday 15 September 2011
Very happy with product and ease of ordering and quick delivery!
By Teri Kelly
Date Added: Friday 4 March 2011
Very helpful information offered in a clear, easy-to-understand way.
Date Added: Saturday 26 December 2009
An excellent resource for Reiki practitioners to review technique and enhance their Reiki practice. (Please remember, studying these materials does not create the ability to do Reiki. This is only done through an attunement from a Reiki Master Teacher.)
By Kimberly
Date Added: Thursday 2 May 2013
Extremely fast shipping! I ordered this on April 29, 2013. I received it today, May 2nd! Packaged beautifully. I haven't had time to watch the DVD or listen to the CD's. The workbook is great, except for the binding. It is almost impossible to open it without tearing a page. I don't think it will last long. I read, A LOT! Other than that, I'm satisfied.
By Sean K
Date Added: Sunday 16 September 2012
Beautiful packaging, professional production and amazing content for a fantastic product. Thank you!
By Gerald Henthorn
Date Added: Wednesday 18 April 2012
Very good.
By Lisa Worden
Date Added: Sunday 23 October 2011
I like the presentation box. The quality of the items is top-notch. I have not finished going through every thing yet, but anticipate full satisfaction.
By Rhoda Field
Date Added: Wednesday 20 April 2011
This was a clear visual presentation
that clarified the procedure and philosophy of Reiki. It was a great learning experience. I enjoyed it very much.
Date Added: Tuesday 18 January 2011
I would recommend this kit for teaching Reiki or for the practioner. There are no Reiki symbols or instructions on giving attunements. Overall the information is clear. I especially like the DVD which makes giving a session clearer than static photos and the book has a metal comb binding that makes the book lie flat. I also enjoyed the healing session given by William Lee Rand on the DVD. My only criticism is the use of the "Complete Home Learning System" in the title. Some might mistakenly think they can just use the kit and start practicing Reiki without an attunement or there is an attunement included.
By phyllis Heath
Date Added: Sunday 21 August 2011
the thing I didn't care for about this one is I am looking for self healing techniques and this isn't about that.
but it is very good info about reiki

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