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Gregg Braden

Gregg Braden is a New York Times bestselling author and internationally renowned as a pioneer in bridging science and spirituality. For more than two decades, he has immersed himself in researching global spiritual wisdom and ancient texts. He has appeared on the...

Customer Reviews for The Gregg Braden Audio Collection

By J.B. S
Date Added: Thursday 7 August 2014
I found Gregg's information very interesting and enlightning, a bit redundant at times but well worth listening to.I have employed some of the prayer technique's and am already feeling the results.
He has chased down a lot of the information I have been interested in.I am extremly gratfull to hear from someone who has done so much leg work.
thanks again,j.b.
By Annelies P
Date Added: Saturday 10 August 2013
Always enjoy his books greatly. I have learned a lot and will continue my learning experience with the other books I have bought and downloaded. He has an easy way of expressing himself.
By Carmen M
Date Added: Friday 21 September 2012
I LOVE this Audio Collection! I listen to it over and over again as I travel, and I am so impressed with Gregg's approach, which completely mirrors my own interest in how Science and Spirituality are truly one. Brilliant!
By Linda Tew
Date Added: Friday 20 July 2012
This audio program is outstanding! Gregg is a great narrator and the information is incredible. This program is game changer in my life, my worldview will never be the same.
By Murielle Stockton
Date Added: Wednesday 21 March 2012
The Gregg Braden Audio Collection is amazing, motivating and so ... can't think of the word, but I absolutely love all his CDs.
By Denise GAnt
Date Added: Sunday 8 January 2012
This is AMAZINGLY Awesome!!!!
By Diane Maupin
Date Added: Thursday 6 October 2011
We haven't had time to review both packages yet. But we have listened to a couple of Gregg Braden's audio recordings, they are great. Thanks for the fast and good service....We are glad that we can access your store anytime that we would like.
By Helene Gensheimer
Date Added: Wednesday 5 October 2011
Excellent CDs. Very informative and Greg gives many suggesstions on enlightenment practices. He uses research based information. Well worth the investment.
By Elaine Huggins
Date Added: Friday 30 September 2011
Everyone should hear these...Gregg Braden really helps me to see the Bigger Picture!!!
By Francisco Revilla
Date Added: Thursday 22 September 2011
Gregg Braden Collection is filled with great insight specially in the field of prayer. It feels good to recognize that prayer goes beyond words and rituals.
By Joseph De Capua
Date Added: Monday 28 February 2011
Excellent. Great fun and very informative the way he links past and present.
By Gerald Henthorn
Date Added: Monday 9 April 2012
Very good.
By Megan Norquay
Date Added: Sunday 2 October 2011
Enjoying the inforamtion about the power of prayer and the blessing gave me a deeper insight into the elements needed to really actualise the energy of a prayer. Worth listening to a few times and sharing with everyone.
By Larry Harris
Date Added: Friday 7 October 2011
I'm glad this one was on sale(i.e. I didn't pay full price). GB skims the surface of many topics but digs into none of them. He's mastered the art of seeming to be saying something significant without actually doing so. I've only heard sound clips of him before, but the longer format does not serve him well.

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