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Judith Orloff

Judith Orloff, MD, is a leading voice in the fields of medicine, psychiatry, and intuitive development. An assistant clinical professor of psychiatry at UCLA, her bestselling books include Emotional Freedom, Positive Energy, Dr. Judith Orloff's Guide to Intuitive...

Customer Reviews for Positive Energy Practices

By Larry C.
Date Added: Sunday 15 April 2012
I agree this is somewhat elementary, but a very good introduction to the subject. And it is probably better to begin with this summary presentation before delving into a more elaborate exploration of the subject. This program is only 2.5 hours long. For a more in-depth treatment of the subject, exploring Judith Orloff's other works will be beneficial. She has particular insight into this aspect of human personality. It is also helpful hearing her own voice, her tone and emphases. This is especially effective.
By Diane Wood
Date Added: Friday 7 October 2011
This was excellent.
It revealed the answers to questions I have had for years. Such as why I practically had to crawl away from encounters with certain people who drained my energy! Really helpful info on what to do.
By Mary Morgan
Date Added: Thursday 6 October 2011
wonderful, I have listened to the
audio book over and over and it
is insightful and full of good advice.
I highly recommend it to all who
live in society.
By Lynn Landry-Rody
Date Added: Wednesday 5 October 2011
Enjoyed this offering immensely.
Thank you.
By Katy Tyree
Date Added: Sunday 25 September 2011
Answers combatting energy vamphires and makes sure I am not a cambat.
By Judith S
Date Added: Saturday 1 February 2014
very good
By Helene Gensheimer
Date Added: Wednesday 5 October 2011
Excellent information about our energic fields and our intuition.
By terry buchanan
Date Added: Saturday 12 November 2011
i liked a lot of this one, but think i was a bit redundant and over-explanatory in some parts, especially with descriptions of the various types of people in the different categories. and bit too simplistic in this regard too, with the obvious stated sometimes too much. i would have liked to have seen more to address the advanced and subtle complexities that one would find in real life, and with people that are not always just family situations, in practical ways to address. otherwise, how can you beat an audiobook from a best-selling author like this?!
By Susan DeNicola
Date Added: Friday 23 September 2011
This was a bit elementary for me. I would recommend it to others who are beginning to explore this subject are, though.
By Linda V
Date Added: Wednesday 15 January 2014
Not really what I was after.
By Nancy Henderson
Date Added: Thursday 27 October 2011
Iwould not recommend this. It is very shallow advice. I hoped for more insight than fluff talk.
By Lenore Lorion
Date Added: Thursday 6 October 2011
Very disappointing

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