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Spiritual teacher and author Eckhart Tolle was born in Germany and educated at the Universities of London and Cambridge. At the age of twenty-nine, a profound inner transformation radically changed the course of his life. The next few years were devoted to understanding,...

Customer Reviews for Through the Open Door

By Adrienne O
Date Added: Tuesday 18 March 2014
One thing that I want to add is that if you have problems hearing Eckhart because he speaks softly, then please try the instant downloads. I listen to them on my iPhone with ear buds and can hear him very clear that way. I have not purchased his CD's so I cannot share about using them.
By Adrienne O
Date Added: Tuesday 18 March 2014
This is another excellent session by Eckhart! I always connect and resonate with him in any of his teachings. I highly recommend this session. He is the only teacher that I know who gets straight to the point of "how to" not be led around or deceived by the ego. Eckhart really knows how to teach you to rid your life of unnecessary thoughts that build anxiety and make you suffer by being present now. That is main thread through all of his teachings.
You will learn how to live your life without fear and anxiety by simple being in the present moment. If you have been searching for the truth and want a true transformational experience then listen to Eckhart Tolle's teaching.

One tip that I learned is that when listening to any of Eckhart Tolle's teachings, I recommend that you only focus on his message and do not allow your egoic mind to steer you to focus on other distractions that tarnish the simplicity of his message. What Eckhart is sharing with us is very simple and uncomplicated. He gently guides you to be aware of your natural self and to live that life of joy, instead of the life of an "imposter" that we have been conditioned to believe we are by our egoic minds, filled with definitions and wrong beliefs about who we truly are in our existence.

A great thing about Eckhart Tolle's teaching is that you can experience the wonderful state of being the 'true you', the 'eternal you' in active awareness 'now'. It is a 'timeless state', as he teaches us in all of his lessons...so, you do not have to wait to experience this indescribable joy in your life. You can access it now. I practice this everyday and it naturally grows. This is a gradual process for several of us, but worth accessing this state because the more you practice being in the aware present moment, the more you live it and experience a wonderful "peace that passes all understanding". This is definitely a state beyond the mind's understanding. You have to let go and allow what is to experience this state. It is with you now, but you must surrender to what is in your life. That means being at peace by allowing the form. Listen to Eckhart's sessions and you will learn more about your relationship to the form and spaciousness.
By Lisa K
Date Added: Monday 22 July 2013
I absolutely LOVE Eckhart Tolle. I never knew of him before I found him on Sounds True. It was easy to download Through the Open Door to my iPod. If you never have heard of him before, I highly recommend this to you. Eckhart speaks from his heart and has much wisdom to share regarding the human condition. He's funny too. Don't miss it.
By Joseph K
Date Added: Thursday 27 December 2012
Eckhart is one of the best spiritual teachers in my lifetime. I would recommend any of his books or teachings!

By rebecca p
Date Added: Friday 19 October 2012
The one thing I can say about Eckhart's teachings, and Eckhart has said this himself, is that he has only one message, and he always says the same thing. Each CD or DVD always points the student back to this moment, or the Now.

Each CD or DVD also contains a unique phrase embedded in the repetition that helps unlock my mind for an "Aha!" moment. This CD has a stunner in Chapter 6.

I don't want to ruin it for you if you haven't heard it yet... But this moment is the penultimate moment between Eckhart and us, his audience of students in this talk.

By margaret k
Date Added: Thursday 20 September 2012
I listen to eckhart every day I am
Now turning the tv and radio off
There is more space in my every
Day life thanks to eckhart's beautiful
By Rachelle B
Date Added: Wednesday 15 August 2012
Eckhart Tolle is my teacher. The first time I heard himn(so many years ago when there was no press, no CDs, bo videos of him) I had walked in toward the end of his satsang (not yet being on fire with his truth) and after maybe 10 words, silence, his vibration, I recognized myself and I felt at home. I isten to his CD;s coinstantly and have videos that I watch. The Open Door is divine.
By Diana DiMattia
Date Added: Thursday 26 July 2012
Enjoyed the 2 CD's - can never be reminded enough that only NOW is where JOY is and how space opens up when you accept what IS.
By Barbara Brown
Date Added: Saturday 7 July 2012
I am going to listen to this regularly as Echart Tolle seems to always understand how to bring thought and contemplation to my understanding. I love this course.
By Ingrid Kennedy
Date Added: Thursday 19 January 2012
What a refreshing reminder of how we let the ego take over. He is quiet, a great thinker and while listening intently he says something funny and you just belly laugh with him. A great awakening.
By Bridget Burke
Date Added: Tuesday 13 December 2011
Once again Eckhart Tolle saves the day. I love his calming voice and his frank way of explaining a concept. It is the perfect compliment to A New Earth.
By Candace Head
Date Added: Thursday 20 October 2011
W'ow. As always Eckhert's words are so soothing and affirming.
By Liz Flynn
Date Added: Monday 26 September 2011
Wonderful. If you like E Tolle, you will love this also.
By John Carmichael
Date Added: Saturday 3 September 2011
Excellent as always with ET
By Evonne Dufresne
Date Added: Monday 29 August 2011
I am truly blessed to have this author in my life, he could not be a better in inspiration to me.
By Michelle LaPrise
Date Added: Friday 12 August 2011
Eckhart takes you there.
By David Carrier
Date Added: Tuesday 19 July 2011
excellent and some nice humor as well.
By Tracey Fritz
Date Added: Tuesday 5 April 2011
There is something so calming in Eckhart Tolle's presence. It comes through all audio and video I've experienced of his. As soon as I hear him start talking, I exhale and relax and enjoy. His words are clear to me, his message direct yet very sensitive. I never feel bad, even if I see room for improvement in my ability to remain present. I always feel encouraged to be present as I'm listening, to continue to try. He transmits "Everything is already okay" in everything he says, and doesn't say. I love when he pauses. I breathe as I wait for the next words to rise up through him.
By patrick mcqueen
Date Added: Thursday 10 March 2011
This book is outstanding!
By michael travis
Date Added: Tuesday 1 March 2011
He does it again. Eckhart takes you to that place of vastness. Thanks Eckhart.... Thanks Sounds True.
By Debbrah Davis
Date Added: Saturday 23 October 2010
Eckhart uses his own intelligence in a beneficial way an intelligent use of energy to benefit others. Thankyou.
By Louise T
Date Added: Sunday 28 October 2012
I love anything and everything from Eckhart.
By Bryan Mercer
Date Added: Tuesday 13 September 2011
This is my new driving CD. No more rush hour anger. Thank you Mr. Tolle.
By Lynn Hall
Date Added: Wednesday 10 August 2011
Wonderful content; can't praise it highly enough. But the quality of the recording is lacking; it sounds like Tolle is speaking into a tin can. I can't give it five stars only because of the sound quality, because the content deserves six stars!! I understand it was done live, but it's a little frustrating having to focus so hard on diciphering what is being said, just because the sound quality is poor.
By Kathy Stein
Date Added: Saturday 23 July 2011
I like Tolle. He speaks to me. I like his techniqeless approach to silence.
By Trista B
Date Added: Wednesday 2 October 2013
I've always enjoyed Tolle's work, but this seemed to drag on with the same message rephrased over and over again.
By Susan Duncan
Date Added: Tuesday 3 January 2012
Interesting - however nothing new to me.

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