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Jon Kabat-Zinn, PhD, is the founder and director of the Stress Reduction Clinic at the University of Massachusetts Medical Center and associate professor of medicine in the Division of Preventative and Behavioral Medicine. His clinic was featured in 1993 in the public...

Customer Reviews for Mindfulness for Beginners

By Judie P
Date Added: Wednesday 15 October 2014
Jon Kabat-Zinn was the first author I listened to to learn mindful meditation. I find his voice soothing. I have purchased many copies to hand out to friends and students who need to learn this healthy skill.
By Charu R
Date Added: Monday 13 October 2014
Purchased for a gift. I am sure the person will love it.
By Kerry K
Date Added: Friday 3 October 2014
By Kim
Date Added: Monday 8 September 2014
Do yourself a favor and get this! Start Here! Especially if you battle depression/fear/anxiety...
Just the first Chapter/Introduction feels like somebody has handed you the right compass pointing in the right direction! It just rings true and makes sense, we sabotage ourselves most of the time and don't even realize it. Wish I had found this gem a long time ago. Felt inspired to get up and get back into Living - even before any of the meditations! Would love to have this playing on repeat in my head all of the time!
By Claire Crook
Date Added: Monday 11 August 2014
It has been a monumental, life-changing exploration of mindfulness practise that began two years ago with this, articulately written and spoken word by Jon Kabat-Zinn. His grasp of the subject is truly incredible because he lives and breathes mindfulness every moment of his life and it shows. Thank you Jon for setting me on a path to a much greater sense of well-being and contentment on this, my journey of a lifetime.
By Mark A
Date Added: Wednesday 23 July 2014
This is new material for me...I feel it was very valuable and worthwhile.
By Deidre A
Date Added: Tuesday 22 April 2014
Am in the early stages of this course
JKZ gives clear and easy to follow guidance
thank you!
By Adrienne O
Date Added: Friday 18 April 2014
I highly recommend this teaching by Jon!
By jill k
Date Added: Monday 10 March 2014
Jon Kabat-Zinn's resources including this one has transformed my life - I cannot believe the quality and quantity of his work I purchased for such a minimal cost. Thank you for making this available!!
By thomas v dwyer
Date Added: Monday 19 August 2013
Very good
By Rosie H
Date Added: Tuesday 11 June 2013
Excellent guided meditations.
I was very pleased with your prompt service.
By Margaret S
Date Added: Wednesday 29 May 2013
Wonderful. Very down to earth and at the same time quite compelling. I highly recommend this.
By Dianne C
Date Added: Monday 4 March 2013
We liked it
By Vicki S
Date Added: Monday 14 January 2013
Ordered as a gift for someone who's never meditated before and I've yet to get her report on it, but I listened to it myself and, like everything from JKZ, it was fantastic. Highly recommended.
By Kara
Date Added: Sunday 11 November 2012
This was my first introduction to mindfulness and I LOVED it! I was going through a stressful time and this ebook allowed me to love and accept myself, as well as strengthen self-confidence throughout the process.
By stephen booth
Date Added: Saturday 17 March 2012
The,cd reaffirmed,the importance of solitude,simplicity,stillness,and silencence,which have been at the center of my mantra and life,since 1986,helping l,ive with bipolar,keeping me grounded,very good,learnt so much,stephen, Australia
By lorraine harding
Date Added: Tuesday 21 February 2012
i found this cd set very helpful and has given me more insights into mindfulness Thank you for a wonderful web site.L.H.
By Pat Holloway
Date Added: Tuesday 14 February 2012
Yes, I was happy with this order.
By Lynn jenkins
Date Added: Wednesday 1 February 2012
Wonderful. Just what I was looking for.
By Mark Huber
Date Added: Wednesday 28 December 2011
Very good for me, a beginner.
By Jo Paterson
Date Added: Wednesday 26 October 2011
A well paced, simple explanation of Mindfulness Theory and Mindfulness Meditation delivered with humour and compassion
By Myrna Brown
Date Added: Tuesday 31 May 2011
I am very satisfied with this purchase. You did good!
By Carole A Cavagnol
Date Added: Saturday 9 April 2011
I'm very satisfied with the tape..I became acquainted and impressed with Zin's work on a PBS series on the Mind-Body Connection many years ago.
By Dixie
Date Added: Tuesday 6 April 2010
This is a wonderful guided practice for stressed out people who need to learn a different way to interact with the stressful events in their lives. Since it is not spiritually oriented, it is great for anyone wanting to learn to meditate in a way that they can take into everyday life without taking up a whole spiritual practice. As a holistic nutrition consultant, It is the main meditation teaching I recommend to my clients who are healing from the physiological effects of stress.
By Linda C
Date Added: Tuesday 14 October 2014
John kabats voice is the best!
By Paul C
Date Added: Friday 10 October 2014
Fantastic stuff, really! Having gone back to it after a year or two though, it would be really handy if the tracks had meaningful titles... "Mindfulness for Beginners - 02pt2" doesn't help when I'm looking for that particular meditation. This comment applies to all the downloads from soundstrue - meaningful track names, PLEASE!
By Beverly D
Date Added: Tuesday 4 March 2014
Yes they have and are helpful for me. I am using them in a daily meditation program.
Thank You
By Eleanor N
Date Added: Sunday 18 August 2013
I'm using this for a meditation group. We find it very useful, but Jon K-Z often slurs his words and drops his voice to a very soft pitch. Sounds lovely for one person, but for a group of people who are elderly, it's hard to hear, even when I turn up the volume and use my Bose speaker. That said, we are finding it very useful.
By Chris P
Date Added: Sunday 11 August 2013
By Therese
Date Added: Thursday 31 January 2013
This CD was helpful to me in understanding some important concepts about mindfulness, particularly the importance of cultivating the practice from a place of non-judgment and compassion. I would have preferred a little less talking during the meditations, but I did find them helpful and they progressed nicely to help me experience an expanded field of awareness. Overall, I feel the program included many practical suggestions and concepts about mindfulness that I have been able to apply with successful results in my daily life.
By Agnes L
Date Added: Saturday 17 November 2012
Great for a beginner.
By Drew W
Date Added: Thursday 8 November 2012
Excellent self-service beginning. Nicely paced. I prefer a woman's voice, but that's trivial. Bring your raisin.
By Christopher Thorn
Date Added: Friday 11 May 2012
I found the introduction and exercises useful. I have used the guided practice sessions a number of times.
By Jordi Freixas
Date Added: Sunday 18 December 2011
Excellent for beginners
By Richard S
Date Added: Wednesday 6 February 2013
We found it useful. But we were hoping for more guided meditations.
By Rebecca
Date Added: Sunday 11 April 2010
The content here is top notch, but there is one really frustrating problem with the download version. There are no chapter marks, so if you're an ipod meditator, there's no easy way to skip to a particular meditation. Maybe when I'm more mindful, this won't bug me so much. ;)
By Christopher Thorn
Date Added: Friday 11 May 2012
I had heard great things about Sharon's work. I found it hard to integrate the short practices, but that just might be me.
By Nancy Kelly
Date Added: Tuesday 17 January 2012
Absolutly hated the raisin example. Not for me. I prefer Zen or Buddhist meditation.
Date Added: Tuesday 22 February 2011

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