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Stanislav Grof, MD, received his doctorate in medicine from the Charles University School of Medicine in Prague and his doctorate in the philosophy of medicine from the Czechoslovakian Academy of Sciences. Dr. Grof has served as a research fellow at John Hopkins University and...

Customer Reviews for When the Impossible Happens

By Wendy Russell
Date Added: Wednesday 5 October 2011
By kane c
Date Added: Thursday 3 January 2013
Fascinating book, made me think about psychedelics in a different way. It is a must read for anyone interested in using acid for psychoIogical work. Basically it's a pretty stripped down biography but an interesting one. Do wish he had spent more time explaining what holotropic breathwork was (what he worked with in his practice after giving up using LSD). The book also made me think about OOBE's and NDE's differently than the 10 or so other books I've read on the subject and it was affirming to read about the effects of the drugs and how they could create OOBE 's but which didn't consequently discount them as being spiritual journeys but expressed that drugs were simply another way to achieve an altered state of consciousness. The materialist world would have us believe it's all a fantasy of the brain but he convinces the reader otherwise, coming from a different viewpoint than the usual OOBE traveler. He also recounts some spectacular stories of synchronicity, which I personally found intriguing. All in all a good read coming from a rather unusual perspective.
By Anne Pauline Warman
Date Added: Tuesday 10 July 2012
very well written; it also brings up my personal experiences of the 'impossible.' I did take several breathwork workshops and they were powerful! I am sorry I never had the occasion to have an LSD session.
By Maggie Cavin
Date Added: Friday 4 March 2011
Fascinating! What a life Stan lived - a truly interesting read.
By Sylvia Bangert
Date Added: Wednesday 23 February 2011
I have not finished the book yet
as I have a lot of reading and
videos going, but so far I am
satisfied with it, so under these
circumstances I give it a four.

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