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Customer Reviews for At Ease

By C.B.
Date Added: Wednesday 18 September 2013
This is an excellent cd. The music is varied - sometimes enchanting, sometimes very calm and peaceful. It's a great cd to play in the afternoon or while reading.
By Sandra Charles
Date Added: Tuesday 15 March 2011
The a great CD both centering and ecstatic. This is one of my favorites.
By serge
Date Added: Wednesday 11 November 2009
beautiful music for flow dancing
By Susan J
Date Added: Saturday 21 September 2013
This is restorative for mind, body and soul. I used it for last night's yoga class and again in the car for my trip home. The music is soothing, appropriate for yoga, body work or meditation. I'm happy to have purchased this.
By William Ferguson
Date Added: Monday 18 July 2011
I liked and enjoyed the music from this as well as the other CD I ordered.

However; over all, I am not pleased enough with the four products I purchased to continue receiving your catalogues. Please remove my name from your mailing list.
By Amy
Date Added: Saturday 27 November 2010
Be sure to review the tracks completely and decide if these songs are of your taste. They are not mine, but hey, to each his own. The CD does not flow from one song to the other, a compilation of odd songs from unknown artists basically.

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