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Ken Cohen, M.A. (www.kennethcohen.com), is a renowned qigong master, health educator, and winner of the Lifetime Achievement award in energy medicine. A former collaborator with Alan Watts, he is the author of The...

Customer Reviews for Qigong

By Nadiya G
Date Added: Tuesday 28 January 2014
I have found this video being very useful for beginners. There is a clear and easy to follow explanation how to do each exercise. There are basic exercises, however, you can stick to them for good. I would recommend this video for everyone who is on their way to a healthy lifestyle and looking for a way to develop their body, mind, and spirit.
By Lisa W
Date Added: Friday 10 January 2014
I am very satisfied. My natural inclination isn't using meditation. I am using the DVD almost every morning, as soon as it warms up enough to move inside. I am taking yoga classes so have learned the breathing taught in those classes. Following these directions makes me feel as if my body has had a good airing out and that it can move easily. I think what I like most is the feelings I get of peace and everything is right with my world. I also love the surroundings shown. Thank you.
By sandra m u
Date Added: Monday 6 January 2014
Easy to follow Ken's instruction and movements. I really needed this basic information as I tried to take a local Qigong class and didn't understand the basic concepts of the teachings so thank you for helping us beginners!
By Susan H
Date Added: Friday 3 January 2014
Good clear explanations and demonstrations. An excellent intro to a powerful practice.
By Kimball S. E
Date Added: Wednesday 1 January 2014
Cohen has given us a gift with this DVD. His explanations are great and lead me in to the qigong energy awareness of the movements.
By Brenda S
Date Added: Friday 27 December 2013
I am always very happy with anything I get by Ken Cohen. He is knowledgeable, interesting, and enjoyable to listen to.
By Kathleen B
Date Added: Friday 23 August 2013
This is a wonderful introduction into qigong. Ken's directions are clear and easy to follow.
By Kunzang
Date Added: Tuesday 18 December 2012
I highly recommend this video. Ken Cohen is an excellent teacher that shares his knowledge in a clear and easy to understand way. A great foundation for anyone interested in qigong.
By Deb Barringer
Date Added: Friday 18 May 2012
I found his instructions clear and easy to follow. I am pleased with this download
By dorothy cole
Date Added: Wednesday 11 April 2012
By norbert aubrey
Date Added: Monday 27 February 2012
Great DVD - well organized, well presented
By Linda Boulter
Date Added: Monday 19 December 2011
To be honest, I have only viewed this video all the way through once. But I just got it yesterday. My initial feeling and gut reaction to this video offering is... Yes. Yes to the simple, concise instructions of Mr Cohen. From this offering, he embodies the practice he is teaching. I intend to make this a daily practice. In the nineties, I purchased and practiced Mr Cohen's Taoist Healing Imagery. It, too is fantastic.
By Lana Leiner
Date Added: Thursday 15 December 2011
Very informative and intense. Takes some practice to master the moves and at the same time do the abdominal breathing.
By Valentina May
Date Added: Tuesday 23 August 2011
Ken Cohen's Traditional Chinese Exercises for Healing Body, Mind and Spirit is an excellent introduction to QIGONG. The program starts with a background history of the tradition which I found helpful The reasons and meaning behind the exercises are explained in a cohesive manner. Ken Cohen treats the subject matter with reverence, respect and humbleness.
By Olive Longfellow
Date Added: Wednesday 3 August 2011
Great introduction to qigong. Easy to learn from.
By Timothy C Nunan
Date Added: Friday 22 April 2011
This is a keeper! Ken Cohen is brilliant and very clear! I highly recommend it!
By W Terry Beck
Date Added: Friday 25 February 2011
Mr. Cohen's Qigong series of DVD's are clear, concise, beautifully produced and very helpful as well as inspirational. As an acupuncture practitioner, I have recommended Mr. Cohen's work to many of my clients and they have always been greatly appreciated.
By Jay Dancing Bear
Date Added: Monday 19 July 2010
This is the single best qigong video i have seen. I recommend it to all my friends.

Doing Ken's 20 minute session each day has greatly improved my health and well being.

I have videos by Garri Garripoli, David Dorian Ross, John Milton, Terry Dunn, and others. They're all good, even very good, and have some very healthful techniques and excellent teaching on them, but what i really love about Ken Cohen's work is:
1) The 4 part structure; Warmup, expel old chi, bring in fresh chi, balance the chi. No one else gave me such a clear understanding of how the process worked. Whatever pieces i learn from others, i now file in one of these cabinets
2) in addition to this, i find the selection of movements to be excellent. Everything fits together well, there is an underlying unity of purpose
3) Meticulous, detailed explanation. It is slow going for someone looking for instant gratification, but it's clear and leaves little room for error.

I also own his 100 day Training course, which i can also highly recommend.

In my opinion, the price of this video (with practice) can save one a fortune in doctor bills.
Buy it.
By Richard Tabnik
Date Added: Thursday 17 June 2010
This DVD is a fantastic and complete introduction to QiGong that could help heal and energize you. You will not regret getting this DVD! It could help you live a long and happy life...
By sapher
Date Added: Wednesday 15 January 2014
very good teacher, great video
By Bette Z
Date Added: Thursday 2 January 2014
I enjoy Cohen's presentation of qigon. His step by step approach is very helpful in moving through the learning process.

By Bette Z
Date Added: Thursday 2 January 2014
I enjoy Cohen's presentation of qigon. His step by step approach helped me to "get it>"

By Don Ely
Date Added: Wednesday 29 February 2012
informative and energy filled
By Donald Fong
Date Added: Saturday 30 July 2011
pretty good teaching. On a few exercises, though, I thought he went too fast. As a result, I had to back it up a few times. Overall, I learned quite a bit. I hope to healthfully benefit from these practices over time.
By arthur miller
Date Added: Monday 25 July 2011
lots of good help for doing and understanding qi qong
By John Platt
Date Added: Wednesday 20 July 2011
I enjoyed this video, as it was clear, informative, and easy to follow. I suspect I will purchase additional material by Ken Cohen in the future.
By Caddie T
Date Added: Sunday 2 June 2013
There is a disjoint between how Ken Cohen explains the moves related to what he actually does himself when he performs them. I am not sure if that is the open space where each practitioner interprets for him or herself, or whether I should do what he does or try to do what he says. A bit confusing.
By Carol Hendricks
Date Added: Tuesday 30 August 2011
A bit wordy. Clear instructions & pleasant to view. Explains it well.
By kat Chalfant
Date Added: Monday 8 August 2011
Pretty good; I am seeking beginning forms for qi gong and tai chi.
By Timothy C Nunan
Date Added: Friday 22 April 2011
version and is is no good - I cannot acces a menu and the iphone version starts from the beginning each time! Do not recomend this - I have had to buy the DVD instead - so save the money and only buy the dvd version which works - nice video bad service- sorry - no stars to Sounds True

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