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John P. Milton is a pioneering spiritual teacher, meditation master, vision quest leader and shaman. His vision quest and shamanic work began in the 1940's. Since the 1950's, thousands of people have sought his powerful yet gentle qigong and meditation instruction, Sacred...

Customer Reviews for Cleanse and Build Inner Qi

By Lottie C
Date Added: Thursday 26 December 2013
This product is a very good learning tool. The instructions are very easy to understand and follow.
By Mimi Saad
Date Added: Saturday 9 February 2013
I bought the downloadable version and it is very easy to download and use. I was familiar with John Milton's programs before and therefore did not hesitate to buy this one. As always he is very clear and easy to follow. The teachings are genuine and they achieve what they set out to do. I enjoy doing this Qi Gung practise every time.
By Debbie Earnshaw
Date Added: Saturday 8 October 2011
I had a little trouble getting it to work on my iPad, but your person wS very helpful, and even invited me to download it twice if need be. I am enjoying the video regulRly now. Thank you
By Roseanne B
Date Added: Wednesday 3 July 2013
yes I am very happy with this purchase. I try to do it every day. Thanks
By Laurel F
Date Added: Wednesday 19 June 2013
I do appreciate Qi practices presented in such a soft way.
By Sylvia Bangert
Date Added: Wednesday 23 February 2011
When I bought this I somehow got the idea the complete set would be in one package and was a bit disappointed to find I will have to purchase two more
DVDs to get the entire program, which I will probably do eventually. I have Ken Cohen's program which I like and which goes well with this set. Cohen's may be a tad easier to learn from, but I have no real complaints about Milton's and the full set will probably be more comprehensive and I am very eager to start on QiGong in my home and am very pleased with the chance to do through Sounds True.
By Sounds True to Elaine A
Date Added: Monday 24 June 2013
Hi Elaine,

I have no way of identifying you or contacting you when you leave a review, but if you happen to see this, please contact Customer Service at customerservice@soundstrue.com to track your order. The would be happy to help you.

Kind regards,
Sounds True
By Elaine A
Date Added: Wednesday 19 June 2013
I never received this order.

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