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Stevin McNamara has been playing music since the age of nine and has been recording music for more than 25 years. He has composed and performed the introductory music on hundreds of Sounds True's audio-learning courses. (We can't tell you how many customers call us and ask,...

Customer Reviews for Caroline Myss' Chakra Meditation Music

By Philip B
Date Added: Monday 18 February 2013
The musical blends and background pattern are just what the doctor ordered for my personal hassles with focusing. I'm wired for sound and need the melodic phrasing of the skillful nonverbal mantra effect music brings. Nice subtle difference between the morning and evening selections. Thank you... Oh, my cat relaxes when I do so he's into it as well.
By bert van oldeniel
Date Added: Wednesday 25 July 2012
fantastic album
By Valerie Elsberry
Date Added: Wednesday 18 April 2012
I am extremely satisfied with my CD. It is everything I hoped it would be. Thank you
Valerie E
By Maria Dinis
Date Added: Wednesday 14 March 2012
I listen everyday this cd! It feels very good. It is a wonderful and meditative mussic. I recommend it very warmly.
By Carol Wright
Date Added: Saturday 10 March 2012
Is the meditation "Invoking Grace in Times of Chaos" on this album? I found the meditation on Youtube and Tami's voice at end says it is from the Chakra Meditation Music album, but the track lists only meditations for evening and morning.
By Joyce Simmons
Date Added: Thursday 18 August 2011
By Jeanne Segar
Date Added: Wednesday 17 August 2011
Beautiful - inspirational music. Great for mediation and massage work.
By Phyrelove Kat
Date Added: Friday 20 August 2010
I am a Chakra Healer and im always on the look out for new audio-therapy to go with my aroma/color/crystal Therapy sessions, i do have to say that i really like the preview that was listed and it left me with goosebumps, so i know this CD will be a great benefit to all who i help treat. I will be getting this CD at the end of the month. :D
By danamcadams1
Date Added: Friday 30 July 2010
By Djuna Wojton
Date Added: Thursday 15 July 2010
This CD is beautiful. It promotes deep relaxation and is a great accompaniment to practicing yoga.
I can't wait to use it during healing sessions.
By Jan Olguin
Date Added: Sunday 6 May 2012
I have really relaxed with it a number of times.
By John Scott
Date Added: Monday 23 April 2012
interesting mix of music. Did not "knock my sox off" however
By terry buchanan
Date Added: Thursday 14 July 2011
i liked this. it has a good sound to relax and/or meditation with; and i think it even does something cool to your chakras, although i have not yet had the time to read the pdf that comes with to figure out if/how.
By jacinta loughland
Date Added: Monday 4 June 2012
By Jamie Lekvanichkul
Date Added: Wednesday 11 April 2012
I'm not quite sure I like this music. I was hoping that it would induce the Chakras alignment and help to settle my mind into a calm meditative stage. Instead I was agitated. Perhaps that is my problem not the music.

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