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Peter A. Levine

Peter A. Levine, PhD, has spent 45 years studying and treating stress and trauma. He holds a doctorate degree in medical biophysics from the University of California at Berkeley and in psychology from International University. He is the developer of Somatic Experiencing®, a...

Customer Reviews for Healing Trauma

By Laurel C
Date Added: Saturday 8 March 2014
Great CD that teaches the skills very well.
By linda h
Date Added: Thursday 22 November 2012
a concise doable method to manage and heal trauma.
By cindy
Date Added: Friday 30 December 2011
This book is incredible, it not only helped me understand what happened to me, it also helped to make and seek out the right people who could assist me in healing from the trauma. This book should be mandatory for anyone who works in a hospital, and for the Police, and Fire Dept personnel who deal with accidents, trauma. I have encountered so many people who didn't understand PTSD, and then tried to tell me that I didn't have it, when others said that I did, and I myself didn't realize how it was affecting my decisions, relationships, and my mental well being until I read this book which is very easy to understand. Dr. Levine not only explains what happens to a person who is traumatized he has lessons on releasing the trauma. I felt so relieved just by the knowledge, for the understanding, everything that I tried to tell people he talked about. This is a must read book, I have had so many people in the medical field tell me they understand this condition when they didn't which is critical in getting the right care.

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