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Danny Dreyer

Danny Dreyer, a running coach and nationally ranked ultramarathoner, has more than 30 years of running experience. He is a student of renowned T’ai Chi master George Xu and has been published in Runner’s World and Running Times. He is the author (with...

Katherine Dreyer

Katherine Dreyer combines 25 years in the health and fitness publishing industry with nearly 20 years of studying Eastern philosophy and practices. From 1991–1995, she was president of New Hope Communications, the leading communications company for the natural health...

Customer Reviews for ChiRunning

By Muse
Date Added: Saturday 28 April 2012
After 2 knee ops I was reluctant to take up running again however Chi Running not only gave me the confidence to get back out there, but adopting the techniques has kept me injury free for the past 2 years. Chi running has also given me a greater sense of freedom and enjoyment - I no longer think about failing to make the distance or feeling short of breath, positive thoughts only!
By Amy Britton
Date Added: Saturday 21 May 2011
Applying the Chi Running techniques I learned from listening to this program has already helped me feel less discomforts during running. Having a audio version is optimal so that I can listen as I run. I will continue to listen and learn (and run!)

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