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Customer Reviews for Your Breathing Body Vol. 1

By Christine S
Date Added: Tuesday 2 September 2014
Endlessly supportive, embodied practice for new and experienced meditators
By Susan C
Date Added: Friday 29 August 2014
By bananacat
Date Added: Friday 30 May 2014
At first, it took me awhile to get into this album. It felt very full of information. That's also the reason it is so stupendous. It is really chock-full of rare, good information. Reggie is a phenomenal teacher. I am going to get the 2nd album.

The reason it's rare is that he goes into very specific areas of the body, for when we're in different situations. I love Reggie's teachings in general because of the specificities. He doesn't teach you to relax. He delves into the complexities and universalities of being human, and the gamut is infinite, according to him. It gave me a newfound respect for my body which complicates my life, because it forces me to re-prioritize. That's not an easy thing to do, but ultimately the best decision.

I know there's something special about him, but I don't know what. I can just say that he's a fierce queen (in street vernacular). This is one to relisten over & over again.
By Margaret H
Date Added: Thursday 20 March 2014
These teachings and practices are life-changing. Reggie Ray leads the listener though somatic practices that allow deep relaxation of the body and open the consciousness into deep connection with true nature. Highly recommended!
By Alayne D
Date Added: Friday 10 January 2014
I am currently working my way through the first set of discs for "Your Breathing Body." The voice of Reginald Ray is very soothing and relaxing. You are given information/background on the meditations for a particular disc, and then you are guided though the meditations.
These discs are very helpful since I don't know any mediation instructors and the nearest Buddhist center of any kind is an hour away from me.
I feel very relaxed, present in my body an in touch with the earth.
By John D
Date Added: Thursday 5 December 2013
An Incredible Body of Work from One of The Most Authentic Beings that I have ever met....
By Katherine Katsenis
Date Added: Thursday 31 October 2013
When I listen to Reggie it brings me to tears; it is so open and so true. I cannot say enough about this program (part 1). As a total beginner (granted more than ready to dive in), it helped a ton. Meditation is not easy and you have to stick with it. Let me say that again: you have to stick with it! Reggie allays all fears and inhibitions you may have. The CD itself is a religious experience, not to mention the places you go.
By kate G
Date Added: Saturday 12 October 2013
Put simply - just the best audio books I've ever bought - and I have quite a few! The guided practices enabled me to have a deeper meditation experience than before. The teachings are clear and filled with insight. Just cannot recommend these highly enough - why aren't there ten stars?
By Arnie A
Date Added: Saturday 2 February 2013
He's brilliant. I can spend endless time on the pillow at a sangha or retreat, but the simplicity with which Reginald Ray imparts the wisdom is priceless.

I am methodically going through all of the CD downloads, using the recordings as dharma talks before or after my daily sitting. There's that 'coming home' feeling to them.

I happen to currently also be reading through his book - Touching Enlightenment', so I'm getting a full frontal on this one.

Good stuff! Provocative elements and AHA moments.

Thanks so very much,

By Janet Bonarski
Date Added: Tuesday 17 July 2012
Worth every cent! Best purchase of Dhrama material I've ever made.
By Linda Reneau
Date Added: Sunday 24 June 2012
My son bought this set and he and I have passed Vol. 1 & 2 back and forth as we review them for the second and third times... and will continue to do so for some months to come. Excellent exercises. These breathing practices are enhancing my perspective and adding to my main practice. I knew some of the exercises but his transmission (the energy that comes with the instructions---I believe a tape or CD or any recording could be described as a link to the person's consciousness and that this is how transmission occurs nonlocally in online/CD courses---well, his transmission is very good! This is a great course. I am also going to be taking the Mahamudra course. Thank you, Reggie Ray!
By Kevagne Kalisch
Date Added: Thursday 3 May 2012
I'm one of those people who can sit and sit and all that happens is that I notice my thoughts and then I struggle with noticing my thoughts. After I downloaded Your Breathing Body, and began to listen to Reggie's teachings and practice his guided meditations, it was like a light just turned on inside me and meditation took on a whole new meaning and feeling. I had previously thought something was wrong with me because I was expecting something to happen. Now I know there was nothing wrong, I just wasn't getting the right guidance. Something is definitely happening. My deepest gratitude to you Reggie for helping me to transform my life.
Date Added: Thursday 21 July 2011
I love Reggie's teachings. He is always clear, human, and extremely interesting.

Wonderful guided meditations.
By Shawn Kirby
Date Added: Thursday 12 November 2009
This course is an excellent companion to Reggie's new book and to his approach to meditating with the body. The title might lead one to believe that this is a course on Tibetan pranayama, but this is actually a profound meditation system.
The practices contained herein my seem simple but they are, nonetheless POWERFUL. I highly recommend this course to anyone interested in spiritual growth, healing past trauam (karma), and becoming an authentic human being regardless of your spiritual orientation or path. I give it the highest possible rating. Well done.
By Rich Mertes
Date Added: Sunday 11 January 2009
I've wondered why no one has reviewed these CD's yet. I think that Reggie and his students (of which I am not formally one) have a lot of integrity and are holding off from publicly praising their own work/teacher. So...allow me. I cherish these CD's. Part of me is tempted to call this work a "Fourth Turning of the Wheel," but I know that is really just looking at the first three "turnings (especially the third)" through different lenses in order to allow for the full embodiment of the wisdom already buried in these teachings. This bridging of buddhist philosophy and sensitivity to the somatic-experiential has been--for me, anyway--the perfect medicine. Of course I cannot say how it would resonate with anyone else.

First I have listened to the 20 CD's (10 in volume #1 and 10 in Volume #2) sequentially, over the course of three weeks, in the evening after work as kind of a home retreat. Each one has a dharma talk and then a guided exercise. I enjoyed doing this just to get the lay of the land. Now I am going back and working with them more slowly and deeply. Certain exercises have jumped out as being particularly fruitful for me.

I have worked with a lot of body/mind techniques and philosophies...straight Zen and Vipassana meditation, Taoist meditation and chi kung, shamanic journeying, etc.--and have benefitted greatly from all of them. But, Reggie seems to really get where a lot of westerners are now--that is, very good at thinking about their bodies, but not very good at feeling them. I'm coming to realize how much that describes me as well, and am having pretty profound results using the techniques he offers. His book, Touching Enlightenment, has also become a source of many insights and inspirations for me.

To sum up, I would say that I think Reggie has described a kind of "blind spot" in the spiritual lives of many contemporary practitioners--mainly about the body being a neglected yet essential starting point for the cultivation of awareness of any kind. Buddhist tradition is by no means mum about this blind spot, it's just that many people have not looked at it with the lenses that would allow them to truly mine the riches that are available there. Reggie goes straight to this place, and I can only say that it resonates with me and that I have benefitted from it greatly. I am deeply grateful and obviously would recommend it highly to others.
By Linda M
Date Added: Friday 28 September 2012
This is a good addition to my practice.

The information is clear, concise, well organized, informative, eye-opening, and challenging in a good way.

I truely appreciate the availability of this information on cd form.
By Beryl Mallinson
Date Added: Friday 27 April 2012
I find the talks long and difficult to stay present with and concentrated on and will re listen and take them in smaller bits. I think this has something to do with listening on my own. The actual instructions and meditations I find very useful and deep. I have not started Volume 2.
By Stanley L. Rose
Date Added: Monday 5 December 2011
I was looking for more teachings and fewer exercises. Perhaps I should have ordered the second set rather than the first. I found the instruction for the breathing exercises detailed too much as in how to sit and on what etc.

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