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Candace Pert, PhD (1946 – 2013), was a research professor in the Department of Physiology and Biophysics at Georgetown University Medical Center in Washington, DC, best known for her discovery of opiate receptors in the brain. She was a featured expert in the highly acclaimed...

Customer Reviews for Psychosomatic Wellness

By Karey
Date Added: Monday 9 September 2013
I listened to Psychosomatic Wellness for the better part of a summer, two years ago. At the time, I was mostly unable to function, and had severe symptoms of Addison's Disease. Thanks to Dr. Pert's groundbreaking research and her aim to teach listeners that their bodies know how to heal themselves, I've mostly got my life back, and continue to improve.
By M Knight
Date Added: Saturday 2 March 2013
This cd is excellent. I listen to it every night and have since I got it. Even my boyfriend, who always falls alseep five minutes in, got a copy of his own. I only wish the cd was separated into tracks so you could skip the six minute intro rather than forwarding through. One of my favorite meditation cds of all time, and one of my wisest Sounds True investments.
By Valerie M
Date Added: Wednesday 23 January 2013
I have all her cd's and love this one, too!
By David G
Date Added: Monday 14 January 2013
I've followed Candace Pert's work for about ten years now and always been impressed with her knowledge and conjugation of that knowledge. And now she comes out with an audio brain entrainment CD? C'mon! I don't care where your interests lie, this is must have!
By anne marie f
Date Added: Sunday 30 December 2012
By Mary S
Date Added: Wednesday 26 December 2012
I love this CD. I listen to it every night as I fall asleep
By donna m
Date Added: Saturday 13 October 2012
super cd. i loved it before bedtime. song at the end was lame though
By Cheryl Ziemke
Date Added: Sunday 15 July 2012
Perfect for easy listening mindful meditation. It is a favorite of mine
By marlene jean
Date Added: Friday 1 June 2012
Great program. It's a great meditation before bed. The authors voice s soothing and calm.
By Denise Murphy
Date Added: Saturday 25 February 2012
Very calming and affirming.
By Patricia McCleery
Date Added: Thursday 16 February 2012
I love any thing Candace does, and wish you would do another for her. My only complaint is that shipping was sort of slow.
By Dawn Harris
Date Added: Tuesday 8 November 2011
I love this CD! I first heard the song "honor who you are" at a Yoga Teacher Training during Savasana and had to find this song to use for my classes.
By Kathy A Reames
Date Added: Thursday 29 September 2011
Better than expected.
By Arlene Lawson
Date Added: Tuesday 27 September 2011
This is great sounds and the voice is super.
I love listening to it, even my great grand children love the last song on Who you are.
I give it a 5 star rating
By Lily Clement-Brown
Date Added: Tuesday 2 August 2011
Very nice
By Virginia LeBoeuf
Date Added: Friday 4 March 2011
Very nice guided relaxation and affirmations. It is a blessing to listen to this.
By Lauren Roberts
Date Added: Thursday 3 March 2011
Still listening daily. This is a very good audio for relaxing and sleeping well. It also does seem to give a lasting feeling of well being.
By Anne Marie Polich
Date Added: Saturday 26 February 2011
Fantastic guided meditations and affirmations! We have listened to a lot (my husband and I). She knows how to get the mind in a very peaceful place and how to bring good thoughts in. A recommend.
By Anne Marie Polich
Date Added: Saturday 26 February 2011
My husband and I have listened to a lot of guided meditations. This doctor's voice is calming and restful (easy to listen to). There is no background music, which is a little different...however, we like the CD a lot. Helps us to get quiet. We recommend.
By L. Roberts
Date Added: Wednesday 23 February 2011
Very relaxing and uplifting. Great if you have trouble falling asleep, or staying asleep. I have been using it almost every night to fall asleep and in the morning when I wake up. Can't say for sure if it is the reason I have been feeling very positive lately, since I have also starting walking more since beginning listening.
By Diana LeFevre
Date Added: Friday 29 January 2010
I just love this tape. It really works, puts your whole body at ease, if you have any tension at all or any concerns or problems, this tape is a great way to get in tune with you body and its needs. I highly recommend this tape.
By mavis jean B
Date Added: Friday 1 February 2013
Delightful I am enjoying the meditaion.
By Michelle Proctor
Date Added: Monday 9 July 2012
Great insights into the body-mind. Each track has something different to offer depending on the moment. I like keeping it handy on my MP3 for when I need to do a deep relaxation meditation or when I need some help with thinking positively by listening to the very well thought through affirmations.
By Crysta Meador
Date Added: Wednesday 11 April 2012
Neat affirmations here to follow along with! Good CD for use either awake or going to sleep.
By sabine ebert-forbes
Date Added: Wednesday 22 February 2012
very helpful and easy to follow. very good
By Jim Winzenburg
Date Added: Sunday 16 October 2011
I expected something different from Candace Pert. The system used doesn't seem to be working for me.
By karen jurkovic
Date Added: Thursday 29 September 2011
LOVE this. It seems to reach us on a very deep/cellular level. We would be interested in more of Candice's work.
By Roger F Courtney
Date Added: Thursday 10 March 2011
I bought the download "Psychosomatic Wellness" several days ago and have listened to it every day (sometimes twice). The product has 5 different parts: An Introduction; A Guided Meditation (I have found it very relaxing); A set of Affirmations (again very good); Music to help you relax and sleep (good, I do fall asleep); and a final song "Honor Who You Are" that wraps up all of the messages.
The problem is that there is only ONE track. All of these come one right after the other with no way to go to a specific part.
Otherwise I think the message is very good. But I would wait until the producer irons the problems out.
By Matt
Date Added: Wednesday 13 March 2013
Hi M, Thanks for the feedback about the intro - we'll pass that along!
By Blair Conger
Date Added: Saturday 7 July 2012
I love her work but the tone was beseeching rather than soothing. Too much "You can do it" rather than soothing direction.
By Jennifer Mason
Date Added: Saturday 30 June 2012
Pert is well known for her groundbreaking work in mind-body science, so I had high hopes for this. I was disappointed.

The track "Affirmations Inspired by Belleruth Naparstek" is almost a direct copy of a Naparstek's script. But Naparstek's recordings are far superior to this.
By gail russ
Date Added: Monday 9 January 2012
Very hard to hear. The music is louder than the voice. Not satisfactory at all.

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