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Steven Gurgevich

Steven Gurgevich, Ph.D., is a psychologist specializing in behavioral and mind-body medicine. He is a faculty member at the University of Arizona's College of Medicine, where he teaches mind-body medicine to physicians at Dr. Andrew Weil's Program in Integrative Medicine. He is...

Customer Reviews for The Self-Hypnosis Diet

Date Added: Thursday 16 October 2014
Many welcome ideas and thought processes for finally losing the pounds. It all makes sense as to how the brain reacts to stimuli, good and bad, to channel our thoughts toward reaching our weight loss goals.
By Sharon R
Date Added: Thursday 2 January 2014
Loving this so far :)
It's the help that I've been looking for.
It's been a little over a week and so far I can't believe the change.
The suggestions are things I used to do when I was a much healthier weight and this has put me in contact with those thoughts again.
Thank you!!!
By Karen K
Date Added: Friday 27 September 2013
Love, love, love this! I picked it up because it was on sale, but now I'm wanting more--at any price! I've gained and lost the same 125 pounds for most of my adult life. I've done every diet there is. I've worked with nutrition coaches, therapists, and counselors. This book and CD have empowered me in ways that nothing else has. Thanks!
By Daisy L
Date Added: Wednesday 25 September 2013
Great book --- simple to follow & a wonderful
approach --- will be referring to it quite often & liked that it included a CD as well.
By Lynn M
Date Added: Friday 9 November 2012
This book is a great method and companion for anyone ready to make the changes necessary for lasting weight management. You will get more results for your efforts by using Dr. Steve's methods.
By herolda
Date Added: Tuesday 7 February 2012
I love this book! It totally changed the way I look at food and within one month I have already lost 8 pounds. This was the missing link to all my weight loss efforts. I am very happy to have found this book, thank you for such a great work.
By margaret nadeau
Date Added: Wednesday 4 May 2011
This cd has helped me when nothing else was effective,I am very pleased with my results.
By Diane Wollard
Date Added: Monday 21 March 2011
I am more than satisfied with this. I enjoy listening to this many nights before bed, and the results are excellent.
By Jen
Date Added: Thursday 19 November 2009
This CD set is awesome. I was pretty skeptical as I have been to a professional hypnotists and did not get the desired results. Since I started listening to the CD's I have naturally lost weight, about 7 lbs so far. It also helps me sleep. I have been able to stop taking sleeping medication with the help of the 'bedtime hypnosis'. Thank you Steven. I am going to purchase the Medical Hypnosis CD's next for a chronic condition.
By Mary
Date Added: Saturday 17 October 2009
I just purchased the Self-Hypnosis Diet 3 CD set from Amazon.com. I wish I had found this set a month ago. I spent $600 at a therapist who has only helped me learn how to breath. I have learned what I was truly looking for from Steve in the first 3 hours with these CD's.
By penny d
Date Added: Tuesday 2 October 2012
I bought this as a replacement of a cd version that was no longer usable. I was already sold on the value of this product.
By Gretchen
Date Added: Wednesday 2 March 2011
So far so good. I'm still working with it.
By Marisa K
Date Added: Sunday 25 August 2013
Defective CD has many blank spots. Need to request a new one.
By dm
Date Added: Wednesday 3 March 2010
this is the first sounds true product i've bought that i did not find useful. the author was awkward and "old fashioned" in his approach to hypnosis. i found this both annoying, unskilled, ineffective as well as disappointing.

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