Customer Reviews for The Mystery of 2012

By Susan Wight
Date Added: Thursday 19 March 2009
Of the many excerpts in “the Mystery of 2012” by various authors (and while I appreciate them all) I especially appreciate Corinne McLaughlin where she shares ground breaking developments of people everywhere making various contributions for a consciousness breakthrough on our planet. It’s exciting and uplifting to hear about the silent heroes and heroines. You won’t hear this in the daily news.

I also loved reading authors Christine Page, M.D. and Arjuna Ardagh. Arjuna simply, profoundly and with humor, brings the reader out of the illusion of separateness and into the awareness of oneness.

There are 26 authors or contributors to this book. If you want to get out of the negative collective influence that the daily news sends out and into what’s really happening all over the world in a realistic yet positive sense, get this book.

As one contributor put it, we’re headed for either extinction, extreme crisis, or “the miracle” and the miracle is very realistic and very possible. Find out more on page 238 & 239. It will raise your frequency to a higher state of consciousness and that alone helps tremendously.

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