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Stevin McNamara has been playing music since the age of nine and has been recording music for more than 25 years. He has composed and performed the introductory music on hundreds of Sounds True's audio-learning courses. (We can't tell you how many customers call us and ask,...

Customer Reviews for Om Guitar

By Clive D
Date Added: Wednesday 27 August 2014
Very Heart based music.
By Theresa C
Date Added: Monday 4 August 2014
Quiet and beautiful meditative music. I thoroughly enjoy this CD
By e
Date Added: Thursday 6 March 2014
Love this CD and so do my massage clients. I am asked all the time about the artist. Wish you offered more of his music!
By James R
Date Added: Saturday 18 January 2014
It sounded great! I got rather attached to this music when it was used as a lead in for Gary Renard's CD, Fearless Love. Tami was the narrator. Every time I heard it, I wondered if more than a lead in was available from the artist. Sounds True's search engine led me right to Mr McNamara.
What a delight! Now, if I just had the sheet music so I could learn to play it on my guitar. I suspect its beyond my level, but maybe I could do parts of it, like I did with Dueling Banjos!
By Charlene M
Date Added: Friday 13 December 2013
I love all of Stevin McNamara's recordings. I use Ohm for yoga and Prana Groove for cleaning and organizing or long distance driving.
By Susan C
Date Added: Monday 2 September 2013
By C. B.
Date Added: Monday 12 August 2013
This is the most beautiful guitar music ever. It is quieting but does not put me to sleep. It's perfect background music for when I'm on my computer, or for listening on the stereo when reading. It's just the most lovely music. It does not vie for attention.
By Ori T
Date Added: Sunday 28 April 2013
Great music, calm and relaxing.
By Bonnie M
Date Added: Wednesday 13 March 2013
I love this music and play it almost every day for my massage clients. It is peaceful and at the same time, enlivening.
By Grace M
Date Added: Wednesday 6 February 2013
I love this music, when ever I hear it i can feel myself relaxing and enjoying the moment. Thank you
By dianne
Date Added: Friday 11 January 2013
absoulutely beautiful
By Melissa L
Date Added: Sunday 6 January 2013
Love CD great to just chill out with.
By chandra b
Date Added: Friday 4 January 2013
I am using it with my yoga and massage session. It deepens the relaxation and works very well with my yoga stretches.
By Jerry S
Date Added: Wednesday 2 January 2013
Love it!
By Jacqueline B
Date Added: Tuesday 1 January 2013
I love this music, it soothes my soul and makes me happy. One of the best things I have purchased. I love to listen to it at night it helps me to sleep well and feel happy.
By bob s
Date Added: Thursday 27 December 2012
i would give this ten stars if i could.... i use this music every day for deep meditation..... much more helpful than quiet meditation...
By Julie G
Date Added: Tuesday 25 December 2012
Love this music. I play it in my healin gcenter and spa. Great gentle background music.
By Lisa J
Date Added: Friday 24 August 2012
Love this album. Acoustic guitar combined with Indian influences, both mellow and beautiful.
By George
Date Added: Friday 20 July 2012
Mr McNamara, thanks for recording OM Guitar. It has so much soul and good taste that as a musician I hope to someday reach. My children, wife and I have enjoyed listening to it many times.
By Jo Anne Shimonek
Date Added: Monday 28 May 2012
I love it. It is relaxing and energizing at the same time.
By Ekabhumi
Date Added: Tuesday 22 May 2012
One of my all-time favorite albums for background music while teaching Yoga, reading, or working on sacred art. As an amateur gutarist, I admire how he's adapted the music to work on a Spanish guitar in a way that is true both to the music and to the instrument. The only improvement I could ask for is a second album!
By hongie moto
Date Added: Sunday 20 November 2011
love this. got an idea, to play this alongside caroline myss, power of prayer. experimental.
By Katherine Andersen
Date Added: Saturday 24 September 2011
By Kim McVicker
Date Added: Sunday 10 July 2011
I am truly enjoying this Cd. It's soothing and soulful!
By Mary N. Hitchcock
Date Added: Saturday 31 July 2010
Stevin, I LOVE your guitar and you too.!!! I first became aware of your musicinaship on Gary Renard's CE collection of ' Your Immortal Reality ' . I kept playing the intro to the seminar over and over . couldn't get enough of this yummy guitar. Om is worth much more thn a 5 /5 . Delightful amn and guitar , Mary
By deborah y
Date Added: Wednesday 19 December 2012
great guitar music, not what i expected like it
By barbara daley
Date Added: Saturday 3 December 2011
Great meditation music.
By William Zandier
Date Added: Thursday 1 December 2011
Great! Everything I expected.
By terry buchanan
Date Added: Thursday 14 July 2011
yes, despite the fact that there are many, many relaxation/chill albums out there, and even more guitarists, the combination of the two is less common, and finding one that can combine the two so well is quite rare.

i enjoyed this one; and i am a avid guitarist of many many styles for many years, so i am picky about what i listen to. so if you are looking for a good one in this genre, it should not disappoint.
By Valerie M
Date Added: Wednesday 23 January 2013
Song 4 skips for the entire song..I tried to put it in my cd cleaner and it still skips. I loved the cd though up til #4!
By Maureen Riddle
Date Added: Wednesday 23 March 2011
Didn't resonate with me
By Beverly H
Date Added: Wednesday 5 March 2014
I am not happy with the music on the album at all. The music is quite dull and boring and mildly depressing. I certainly would not recommend this album to anyone.

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