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Lynne McTaggart

Lynne McTaggart is an award-winning journalist and author of The Field and The Intention Experiment. As co-director of Conatus Plc. she is founder and editor (with her husband, publisher Bryan Hubbard) of some of the leading health newsletters in the U.K. and...

Customer Reviews for The Field

By Annelies P
Date Added: Saturday 10 August 2013
Superbly researched and executed. Nice voice to listen to. Will buy more of her books.
By sheila d
Date Added: Saturday 22 September 2012
Great CD. Easy understanding of the ideas. I have the book, sometimes it's easier to listen.
By Marjorie T
Date Added: Friday 21 September 2012
learned so so much from this cd for my physical health. Reccomend cd learned so much about physical body.
By Victoria Pierce
Date Added: Thursday 2 February 2012
Great book and worth every cent. Everyone interested in quantum physics, consciousness and the soul should have this in their library. I'll listen to it again and again.
By Elaine Huggins
Date Added: Thursday 5 January 2012
This should be requred listening for everyone! Fascinating!!!
By Victoria J
Date Added: Thursday 20 September 2012
I ordered this for a friend of mine who just loved.
By Janice Jones
Date Added: Wednesday 4 January 2012
A little slow to get going but, by the time I had to change to the second CD, I was pretty much hooked. Lynn moves away from the scientific jargon to explain that field around us.
By Jonathan F
Date Added: Thursday 27 September 2012
The Field presents some very interesting ideas. I would listen to this again. Glad I bought it. That said, I found some of her statements to be over the top and without support. For example, the collision between Newtonian and Quantum Mechanics. There is no conspiracy here - Newtonian Mechanics is an approximation that works well for most large objects that we are familiar with. I would have liked less hand-waving explanations.

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