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Cyndi Dale is an internationally renowned author, speaker, intuitive healer, and visionary. She is president of Life Systems Services, a corporation that offers intuitive-based healing, destiny coaching, and corporate consulting. Cyndi has been trained in multiple healing...

Customer Reviews for The Subtle Body

By Xuan Ming
Date Added: Monday 20 October 2014
A Great Book!!! This book lets me know more about the body and how is your body really works.
By Mary K. Blackmon
Date Added: Wednesday 6 June 2012
Excellent resource for information about various energetic systems.
By David Dayhoff
Date Added: Saturday 24 March 2012
Excellent power tour of all things to do with the human body and healing. Overwhelming in some areas of explanation, this book will give anyone interested in the healing arts a good starting point with defininitions, charts, graphs, references and recommended reading lists.
As a hands on healer, there was information here that I found fascinating because it told me why some things were true that I knew to be true, already. Highly recommend it.
By Valerie Varan
Date Added: Thursday 11 August 2011
A must-have for all who are interested in the chakras, energy bodies and all types of energy modalities.
Date Added: Tuesday 26 July 2011
I love this book! I've been looking for a book that combined different ideologies in a concise yet thorough manner and this book is it! Anyone interested in taking charge of their health and spiritual outlook should buy this book.
By Alyson Cesarz
Date Added: Wednesday 20 July 2011
I HIGHLY recommend this book to anyone and everyone! No matter what level of healing, Healer, or energy awareness you are at... this is a book everyone should have at their finger tips.
By Amy Sanders
Date Added: Sunday 23 January 2011
This book is a rare gem among the mass of books of this genre. As others have stated, it covers the main schools of thought on holistic healing: this book includes chakras, energy meridians, acupuncture, reflexology, Ayurveda, Shiatsu, distant and hands on healing, energy fields, sacred geometry, color and sound healing, and magnetism.
I have this book on the reading list for my students of Professional Colon Therapy as it is a must have.
By Suzie Housley, Midwest Book Review
Date Added: Tuesday 3 November 2009
The soul is the substance of energy that organizes conscience and body and makes of it all, a coherent being for reality. And the spirit is the superior dignity of life.

-Unknown Author

A fascinating journey of discovery awaits you in Cyndi Dale's The Subtle Body: An Encyclopedia of Your Energetic Anatomy. By far this is the most in-depth collection of energy healing this reviewer has ever discovered.

What makes this book so unique is that it covers all of the top forms of holistic healing. Which includes chakras, energy meridians, acupuncture, reflexology, international healing, Ayurveda, Shiatsu, distant and hands on healing, energy fields, sacred geometry, color and sound healing, and magnetism. It is broken down into six easy to understand parts that include:

Part I: Energy and Energy Healing

Part II: Human Anatomy

Part III: Energy Fields

Part IV: Channels of Energy: Channels of Light

Part V: Energy Bodies: Chakras and other "Light Switches"

Part VI: Energy Practices

From the very first page I found that I was so mesmerized at all the knowledge that I was absorbing. With my background in healing touch and reflexology, I was able to quickly put to use the high quality illustrations that showed all the pulse points of the body.

No health care professional should be without a copy of Cyndi Dale's The Subtle Body: An Encyclopedia of Your Energetic Anatomy. This book is such an asset to the health care world I believe it should be introduced into the college setting. If all health care providers were to be exposed to all the information that this one book offers, mankind's health benefits would be unlimited. Very highly recommended.
By Van Miller
Date Added: Sunday 16 October 2011
Great and thorough introductory book to the energetic body.
By Chandra Thornburg
Date Added: Monday 21 September 2009
Many of the books I read are narrow in scope. The Subtle Body is broad and very inclusive. It’s really a wonderful reference text so I’m sharing the information about it with you. It has excellent illustrations and is easy to understand (even for me!).

This is a great book if you’re working with, or interested in, the energy flow in the body

By matt walsh
Date Added: Friday 28 September 2012
Admittedly, I did not read the entire book. I only made it halfway through before finally putting it down in frustration. I was OK with most of the subtle body content. It was the attempt at citing science and lack of logical argument that made my blood boil. Some of the things that were said made me cringe. Others were just out and out BS. Someone with a scientific background should have proof read this book before it ever went to print. The last thing I read before I stopped reading was when Cyndi claimed, without attribution, that the charge of electrons is weakening because we are not showing proper respect and care for the Earth. Utter nonsense.

I'm completely on-board with the idea of the subtle body. Unfortunately, I think that scientists do not have the tools or techniques to properly study this phenomenon and so they are reluctant to do so. Many (most?) of them see this field as packed full of lunatics and others that have no appreciation for scientific method. This book only reinforces that view.

Please, please, please rewrite this book with the help of a qualified physicist.

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