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Alex Theory

Alex Theory co-organized the 2007 World Sound Healing Conference and the September 2007 Global Om project. He draws upon his extensive training in psychology, shamanic practice, and music production to develop new modalities in music and sound therapy.

Customer Reviews for Earth

By Robert Varttinen
Date Added: Monday 2 April 2012
Very calming and helps me to relax. I've listened to these tracks as background when doing something else. Also tested with my iPod works great!
By Donna
Date Added: Wednesday 5 May 2010
Absolutely beautiful! I listen to this album over and over. I can feel the Earth energy in it. It helps ground me, it helps me focus, and it simply settles me in a deep and profound way. It's great antidote to 'modern life'.
By Suzie Housley
Date Added: Friday 2 October 2009
Many secrets of art and nature are thought by the unlearned to be magical.
~ Francis Bacon

The universe opens up, the journey has begun. North, south, east, west the musical flow will show you the way to find peace, love, and a healing mind. At this magical journey when earth and magic meet you will discover all great there is.

Alex Theory’s Earth is the third installment in the “Full Spectrum Sound” Healing series. It consists of eight tracks that are entitled different directions (North, Northeast, East, Southeast, South, Southwest, West, and Northwest). Like a compass each one will guide you to a deeper understanding of oneness.

Alex Theory is a brilliant composer. His music is able to penetrate deep within your body and soul. This audio will offer you the ultimate form of total relaxation as each track provides its own form of healing magic. Those who seek music from the nature grace of the Earth’s majesty should definitely experience the music contained on Alex Theory’s audio. Very highly recommended

By terry buchanan
Date Added: Thursday 14 July 2011
i liked this one; it certainly put me in another zone just listening to it - which is exactly what i was looking for with the purchase of this album. so a warning here not to do anything to mind intensive and/or dangerous while listening to it is well-advised!

the only thing i did not like was the fact that the bass was so low and deep that it makes both my computer's medium quality speakers, as well as my earphones of the same quality, frequently buzz heavily. If I turn the volume down on either one it is not as bad, but it is still an irritating, (and unwanted) added feature to the listening experience - otherwise would have given it one more star rating.

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