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Dr. Mario Martinez is a U.S. clinical neuropsychologist who lectures worldwide on how cultural beliefs affect health and longevity. He is the founder of biocognitive science, a new paradigm...

Customer Reviews for The Mind-Body Code

By Dr Harpreet Singh MBBS, MPH
Date Added: Thursday 24 April 2014
I developed a most severe hatred towards my mother in law, who viciously abused me, my parents and sister in front of my 2 year old son. My wife joined hands with her and stabbed me in my back (Metaphorically). Today it has been exactly 2 years n I suffer from Hypothyroidism, Deranged Blood Sugar
(I was a perfectly fit gym going 32 year old guy then)
Dr Martinez has beautifully explained how we can avoid the destructive affects of a Heart full of hatred by freeing ourselves of revulsion to the perpetrator. The Fibromyalgia, Stigmata and 3 Archetypal wounds are my favourite. Thank You so much Dr Martinez
By Sounds True
Date Added: Friday 4 April 2014
To Sylvia M- We are very sorry to hear that you did not receive the CEUs your ordered; if you have yet to receive them, please contact customer support either by email, at support@soundstrue.zendesk.com or by calling 1.800.333.9185 so that we can ensure that your entire order is fulfilled.
By sylvia m
Date Added: Wednesday 26 March 2014
I ordered both the mind body code, and the CEU's. Have never gotten anything for getting the CEU's.
Where are they?
By Diane D
Date Added: Sunday 12 January 2014
I have listened to Mario on KPFK.org and the radio 90.7 out of L.A. Very interesting and cutting edge information. At 75% off it was a fantastic deal.
The few exercises on the series are surprisingly power and the information will change your thinking about, aging, healing, and prosperity.
By Cynthia Y
Date Added: Saturday 11 January 2014
I highly recommend "The Mind Body Code" audio tapes. I purchase this because I am really interested in how we create and/or attract illness and other challenges in our lives. Mario communicates this very clearly and a way that contributed to my desire to keep listening; he is not reading to his audience he is speaking with them. I had the tapes in my vehicle because I wanted every opportunity to learn more. My son borrowed my vehicle one evening, the next day started a conversation with me about the Mind Body Code. He revealed to me that he sat and listened to the CD to learn more. I learned a lot and I will listen to them again.
By Irene S
Date Added: Wednesday 1 January 2014
i enjoyed this one. helpful to my understanding of
effect and new insights too! very kind voice.
By Carroll S
Date Added: Friday 20 December 2013
Phenomenal! I recently finished listening to the program for the second time, and got just as much out of it as the first time. Mario is a great teacher, and a wonderful speaker - - very engaging!
By Patricia s
Date Added: Tuesday 17 December 2013
All valid and valuable information that can be learned in your car or while cleaning. Experiential and relaxation techniques are a wonderful addition to put it all into practice. However, it takes time to practice to put it all to good use. For that, I use it over and over. Maybe there should be a separate one for experiential practice only...Thanks!
By Marisa K
Date Added: Sunday 25 August 2013
Love these CDs and listen to them often. Dr. Martinez's concepts ring true for me. I'm very hopeful they'll increase my awareness and recognition of self-sabotaging thoughts and habits. My only regret is that these CDs didn't exist when I was in my clueless 20s, although maybe his wisdom would have fallen on deaf ears back then. Well, better late than never!
By Padmaja Neelati
Date Added: Wednesday 21 August 2013
I have been reading lot of self help books for the past years specially from hayhouse and soundstrue authors , which led me to deep awareness of my mental,emotional patterns.
I can say I had grown a lot intellectually in the past few years but was confused as why I was still stuck in some of the past behavior patterns subconsciously. I came across some articles which told to directly meet the emotions stored in the body.
They were helpful but for some reason I was not diligent and committed to that procedure.
This 6 CD set Of mind body code was more organized, simple to practically implement and very powerful . I feel thankful that I ordered this CD's and would rightfully address/heal all the buried emotional wounds.
Grateful to all the people involved in the creation and mailing of this CD's .
By Kim B
Date Added: Thursday 18 July 2013
Since I purchased the Mind Body Code I have listened to the downloads almost everyday. The information from Dr. Martinez is jaw dropping and I finally feel that I have the missing pieces to behavioral changes I now feel confident that I can make and keep. Anyone who struggles with self-doubt or depression or any other issue that keeps them from a joyful life will more fully find their way back to themselves with the insight from Dr. Martinez. Dr. Martinez, thank you so much for the hard work and diligence to bring this information forward. It has and continues to help me change my life in the ways I had always wanted and didn't quite know how. If there's something I can help do to spread the word let me know!
By Renee
Date Added: Tuesday 2 July 2013
This is my first review for any product ever. The work here by Mario Martinez is spot on for my self- healing. I knew the cultural/religious/tribal entrapment I was in that was causing me so much emotional and physical pain. I searched and tried so many ideas and therapies and had yet to find a way of true and lasting healing The Mind-Body Code really helped put it all together for me. I have fibromyalgia and this work addressed this. In looking at my life, I understand more about how my life got here. With understanding, I can begin untangling the pain. I am thankful I came upon the Mind-Body Code here at Sounds True. I will continue working with this until I am freed of pain and shame and am living in freedom and liberation!
By Sandy R
Date Added: Friday 21 June 2013
This is the most enlightened set of talks I have heard in many years. Mario Martinez really pulls it all together here, better than almost anyone, and I've hear a lot of great teachers talk down through the years. Highly recommended to anyone interested in personal growth, no matter how sophisticated that person is. This Sounds True set is truly a great gift and may save a lot of lives, literally and figuratively.
By Niki
Date Added: Wednesday 3 April 2013
Simply life changing. This is a cutting edge psychological technology that is easy to apply and produces concrete and immediate results.
Thank you Mario Martinez!
By Donna A
Date Added: Monday 1 April 2013
A truly remarkable lecture series by Dr. Mario Martinez! Things everyone needs to know right now.
By Lynn
Date Added: Thursday 21 February 2013
I purchase many CD's and I was really impressed with the information Mario Martinez presented in this CD. I found it to be extremely interesting and at times mind-blowing. I highly recommend it to everyone.
By Jill P
Date Added: Wednesday 20 February 2013
this audio collection is truly amazing. i highly recommend it to anyone. i found it very interesting and entertaining to listen to. the information and exercises are practical for all listeners.
By Linda G
Date Added: Sunday 16 December 2012
I think that everyone would find this interesting and of help. It pertains to all of us in one way or another.
By Linda Hedquist
Date Added: Sunday 25 November 2012
I have been a loyal and extremely grateful Sounds True customer for many years. But having just completed listening to the first CD of this program and as well as spending additional time exploring the first experiential exercise I have to say that these are some of the most useful insights and processes I've ever received from you guys . WOW! If there were a way to give this program more than 5 stars I would do it. As others have mentioned, the author has a wonderful presentation style. And
I found the exercise on the first CD excellent for bringing to light and rooting out very subtle patterns of conditioning. Furthermore, even going through my day (outside of the exercise) I see that it has sensitized me and opened my awareness to the moment by moment dynamics of aspects of myself that previously were driving my life but that I was unaware of. Now I cannot only see them but more easily bring compassion to them and work with them. Fabulous program. Thank you so much for making it available!
By Kathy Z
Date Added: Friday 16 November 2012
Thanks Sounds True for introducing me to the works of Mario Martinez! Another treasured jewel among the people that most inspire me!
By Kathryn K
Date Added: Sunday 11 November 2012
Insightful with practical and meaningful exercises. I enjoy his presentation style and would highly recommend his material.
By Maryalice T
Date Added: Sunday 11 November 2012
My husband and I both listened to Dr. Martinez C.D's while on a road trip. We both learned so much about how our beliefs can effect our well being. We are working on changing our outlook on what we have the power to do when it comes to our thoughts about living our daily lives. Thank you Dr. Martinez~ Maryalice Trojnar
By Anthony W
Date Added: Sunday 11 November 2012
Mario Martinez is brilliant .I have done many years of inner work and this is some of the best information I have heard in years . Mario's presentation is easy to listen to and understand...I highly recommend the "Mind body Code " to even the most advanced of seekers.Anthony W
By Marilyn A. H
Date Added: Saturday 10 November 2012
Dr. Martinez is Brilliant ! It will be some time before I will be loaning this material. You always hear a new concept as you listen. Voice recording very well done.
By Marilyn A. H
Date Added: Saturday 10 November 2012
Awesome ! This presentation and the information contained therein stretches your thought realm beyond it's ordinary functioning. Not only in the daily routine, but in the Spiritual Space. That's a great word he coined "Biocognitive" !! The world, well those of us in the world needed it...
Dr. Martinez has made an amazing breakthrough that reaches thru your physical structure so all is one, and then each cell has the ability to Learn and Share.
A Most Gracious Thank-You.
By Todd
Date Added: Sunday 29 July 2012
I just wanted to personally thank the good Dr for getting me through these past few months of Xray School. His CD's were invaluable. I still find something new in his words on each listen. THANK YOU DR for helping me live my life peacefully and positively.
By Thérèse X.
Date Added: Friday 20 July 2012
This is the most enlightening and helpful program I've ever learned from out of many over the years. Not only is the author's voice pleasant and friendly to listen to, the knowledge he imparts gives me a new and hopeful view of myself for my "advancing years". Using this knowledge to heal, I'm sure I will re-listen many times over and find something new every time. Thank you, Dr. Martinez
By Rich Melendrez
Date Added: Thursday 5 April 2012
This is truly amazing and revolutionary! Why don't more people know about your products? I'm going to do my part and network you guys rock!!!
By Louis Cangemi
Date Added: Monday 2 April 2012
Very useful and well researched. I've learned a lot about myself from applying the tools and information he gives.
By Sean Kellythorne
Date Added: Saturday 24 March 2012
Mario Martinez is onto something important that goes beyond today's standard psychology. For those who want to go beyond the limits established by our cultural conditioning his presentation shows the way. He presents the material in a very kind and realistic manner. I'm recommending this program to all my clients.
By antonio martinez
Date Added: Friday 23 March 2012
it was great...
By Henryka Wodzynska
Date Added: Thursday 9 February 2012
The best investment I've made so far!!!
By Dawn Harris
Date Added: Saturday 14 January 2012
Highly recommended. Clear and logical. Mario Martinez has a voice I could listen to for hours and the message he shares gave me space to breathe into.
Thank you
By Sylvia Schuller
Date Added: Friday 23 December 2011
I give thanks for Dr. Martinez's wonderful and fascinating research and teachings on the Mind Body Code. The teaching on Stigmata and the Centernarians have given me such hope of a better life lived with understanding and how to create my own life rather than to rely on what I was taught by my culture, traditions surroundings, schooling and community. Thank you Mario and Thank you Tamie and Sounds True. I have since purchased the Book - The Man From Autumn WoW!
Date Added: Monday 12 September 2011
Probably one of the most useful self help download I have purchased. Great insight into how the mind works along with the application of different spiritual paths. I have not seen the information presented anywhere else. This is a truly unique perspective and common sense explanation of how to expand your own mental and spiritual development.
I just wish there was more material available by this author which is the highest compliment I can pay him.
By Thomas Poe
Date Added: Monday 23 May 2011
This is VERY interesting material. It answers many questions if you are studing the subconscious or the Law of Attraction. The author walks you through exercises.
By Irmgard Beasley
Date Added: Thursday 19 May 2011
very, very good
By Khaled Fallahian
Date Added: Thursday 19 May 2011
I can only recommand Mario Martinez cds .
Very informativ and full of wisdom .
By James Anglewicz
Date Added: Sunday 3 April 2011
This is a very good program. I re-listen to it often. It offers good practices to release resistance about health and abundance issues.
By John Mason
Date Added: Thursday 10 March 2011
This is wonderful! Dr. Martinez makes very clear points illustrated with touching stories. The exercises are well described and clearly explained as far as purpose.
By John Mankey
Date Added: Thursday 6 August 2009
This set is so rich and to the point, it could have easily been spun out over three or four courses.
There are straightforward explanations and simple steps to apply new understanding.
I learned so much about myself in the six hours of listening. I am learning even more as I use what I have learned.
This is a great course. I feel like giving a standing ovation.
By Anne M
Date Added: Sunday 28 April 2013
Breakthrough learning for me. He is a good teacher, doing a good job on audio, making it personal and also easy to generalize. I will listen to it again.
By Nancy J Farrell
Date Added: Tuesday 3 July 2012
Still digesting this work. Thought provoking. Would like more of his work on aging.
By KL Leung
Date Added: Thursday 19 May 2011
Very useful.
By Dale M
Date Added: Thursday 19 June 2014
Okay, but not too much depth. A lot of repetition and wishful thinking.

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