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Mark Thornton

Mark Thornton is the world's first executive meditation coach. Trained as an investment banker, he was interim Chief Operating Officer for JP Morgan in London. A student and practitioner of meditation for over 20 years, Mark Thornton has worked with over 30 teachers in 7...

Customer Reviews for Meditation in a New York Minute

By Karen K
Date Added: Friday 27 September 2013
Much of what he has to say has been said before, but I like the "quick" approach to meditation that he offers. For me it's more like a "finding-my-focus/center-again" approach rather than actual meditation, but nonetheless very useful in my hectic life.
By Eric G
Date Added: Wednesday 25 September 2013
Great food for thought and many tools. I ended up buying the book because he presents so much good material that it seems to me to make sense to be able to read it.
By Tina A.
Date Added: Monday 18 June 2012
Content is OK, but the program ends abruptly and seems incomplete.
By bettina zeller
Date Added: Wednesday 1 August 2012
I am struggling trying to get through this particular audio. This is the least favorite of all that I have bought at Sounds True. Perhaps I am not 'ready' for it yet. That being said, I would not highly recommend it.

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