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Sharon Salzberg

Sharon Salzberg, a student of Buddhism since 1971, has been leading meditation retreats worldwide since 1974. Influenced by her more than twenty-five years of study with Burmese, Indian, and Tibetan teachers, she teaches intensive awareness practice (vipassana or...

Customer Reviews for Guided Meditations for Love and Wisdom

By Judith P
Date Added: Friday 3 January 2014
She is Great. I have been meditating in the morning along with this CD ever since I received it. I am most grateful.
By Paula F
Date Added: Thursday 2 January 2014
Really enjoy Sharon's way with words and understanding of the difficulties that can
arise when meditating, and how she allow
people to understand and work with these
difficulties during meditation.
By Robert Rodriguez
Date Added: Monday 30 January 2012
By Dave Kent
Date Added: Monday 7 March 2011
Sharon S. is excellent.
Date Added: Tuesday 22 February 2011
Very helpful and accessible. Thanks!
By Edith May
Date Added: Sunday 11 July 2010
I have found Sharon Salzberg's teachings to be extremely helpful. In fact they have turned my life around. Lovingkindness to oneself and others changes the way you see the world. Highly recommended. Thank you.
By Patricia Wootan
Date Added: Monday 25 April 2011
Guided Meditation for Love and Wisdom has wonderful meditations on it. My favorite is Loving Kindness. I just began to use side 2 and there are good meditations on that side, too.
By Susan Eichner
Date Added: Monday 15 August 2011
By Laurie J
Date Added: Sunday 23 March 2014
Although the content is legitimate, I'm sorry to say the approach could be so much more enticing. Lacking in energy, life, excitement. So sorry - I was excited to hear Sharon because of mentions by Dr. Siegal.
Thanks - I dislike having to say this to someone about their life-work, but feel I should be honest.
By Joe B
Date Added: Monday 6 January 2014
Good content. The download was a disaster I was refunded. I didn't bother to order the cd and be penalized for inferior service or equipment on your part.

Very disappointed.
By Joe B
Date Added: Wednesday 25 December 2013
Didn't download properly. I was refunded.
By Joe B
Date Added: Wednesday 25 December 2013
Didn't download properly. I was refunded.
By Richard M
Date Added: Saturday 29 June 2013
Not what I expected.
Cannot go to a specific meditation without sequentially searching the whole recording.
By Jeanie Nelson
Date Added: Friday 9 March 2012
I recently discovered Sharon Salzberg and was quite excited to download her "Guided Meditations for Love and Wisdom". While Sharon and her message is excellent, I am EXTREMELY disappointed in this program. It is 2 hours of audio that is one continuous file. It is described as 14 different guided meditations, but there is no way to navigate to each one separately. C'mon Sounds True - with the technology available today, this is ridiculous and a waste of time and money. I have purchased many good programs from Sounds True and was completely surprised and disappointed to find such poor quality.

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