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Marion Woodman

Marion Woodman is a writer, international teacher and workshop leader, and Jungian analyst. With over a half-million books in print, she is one of the most widely read authors on analytical and feminine psychology of our times. Marion Woodman is a graduate of the C.G. Jung...

Customer Reviews for Sitting by the Well

By Darla P
Date Added: Saturday 10 May 2014
This is a vital treasure for anyone intrigued by Marion Woodman and her life-views through the lens of Jung. A wise elderess, I'm thankful to her and to ST for this incredible collection. Absolutely gorgeous.
By Svetlana E
Date Added: Saturday 26 April 2014
I love it. Thank you!
By Judith S
Date Added: Thursday 10 April 2014
By Marjolein D
Date Added: Sunday 27 January 2013
Very deep ,authentic
Highly recommended...
By Robin W
Date Added: Thursday 24 January 2013
A knock out!
By Linda K
Date Added: Wednesday 23 January 2013
I learned so much from listening to these lectures. In fact, I listened twice. This came at just the right time in my own life, where I'm spending more and more time sitting by the well.
By Zohara Rotem
Date Added: Wednesday 20 June 2012
Deep, daring, inspiring.
A must for every woman seeker ( and man too).
By Suzanne Bates
Date Added: Wednesday 17 February 2010
Marian Woodman helps us navigate both the intellectual as well as some experiential ways of knowing the feminine archetype. She provides incisive observations on the divine feminine gleaned from decades as a Jungian psychoanalyst. She uses a wide array of apt illustrations from world literature, myth, and folklore to help illustrate the path the feminine has used to emerge into our individual lives. She also presents meditations for us to reflect on what our gifts are from the feminine depths, gifts we might use to help heal our wounded culture.
Date Added: Wednesday 11 January 2012
This appears to be a collection of Woodman's lectures, some rather short, rather than a well-developed course. It has a recycled quality to it. Woodman is a leading Jungian theorist and analyst worth my time, nonetheless.

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