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Jack Angelo

Jack Angelo has been a teacher, writer, and healer in the fields of energy medicine and natural spirituality since the mid-1980s. Since then he has developed Distant Healing—a comprehensive healing method based on his research and work with individuals and groups in the...

Customer Reviews for Distant Healing

By Claudia L
Date Added: Saturday 28 June 2014
I've just started to skim the book but feel that it
is a keeper. Much of the information is not new to
me but it is well worth the read, well articulated
and easy to understand. I will definitely keep it and
use it as a reference book. Thanks!
By Constance G
Date Added: Thursday 26 June 2014
This book has practical & insightful suggestions, a wonderful read.
By Susan B
Date Added: Thursday 27 December 2012
Well-written, great content. I've never known other people did this (I've been doing this basically since I was a child, just in a less focused way.). The book is helping me to put some structure around my practice and allowing me to explore additional applications and refinements. I love it! And I love knowing other people do this!
By Maureen D
Date Added: Tuesday 1 January 2013
I have started reading this after finishing The Intention Experiment and listening to the inspiring speakers of The Compassionate Brain recently offered by ION. I am a novice but am excited about finding meaning behind healing and compassion.

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